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Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion  

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is dedicated to empowering NUS students who are keen in driving positive impact through various community engagement initiatives. We strive to embed diversity and inclusion in everything we do, and create a more inclusive campus at NUS. We believe that diversity enriches student life and creates a more vibrant and dynamic community,  

OSA works to support students in discovering and appreciating diversity and inclusion. Check out the resources and activities available for students.



Project Showcase
voices-mental health

Voices of N(US): Our Mental Health Stories

A team comprising two students and an alumnus started the Inclusive Campus Project and produced a series of publications titled “Voices of N(US)”. Their first publication on mental health features the stories of students with lived mental health experiences, the reflections of three Peer Student Supporters and the response of a staff member from the OSA Student Wellness team. 
Read "Voices of N(US)"

Please note there are mentions of personal stories and discussions about anxiety, depression, stress, and panic attacks.


Voices of N(US): Our Journey Towards An Accessible Campus

The second publication features the stories of persons with disabilities (PWDs). The entries centre around the theme of disability inclusion in NUS and contains perspectives from students with disabilities, a student group, and a staff member from the Student Accessibility Unit.
Read "Voices of N(US)" 

Map of our Story

Breaking Down the Wall Through Buddy Programme: iCARE SG Kaki  

Innovative Collaboration: Map of our Story 

One of the innovative activities designed by the SG Kaki Buddy Programme planning team was the ‘Map of Our Story’.

Together with the local students, the international students shared what they hoped to do during their stay in Singapore and NUS, They expressed their thoughts and diverse views though drawing, and their art pieces were pieced together to form the ‘Map of Our Story’.

To learn more about iCare student group, click here.




Diversity and Inclusion Grant
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Diversity & Inclusion Resource Kit
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SG Kaki Buddy resized

SG Kaki Buddy Programme Handbook
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Cultural and Religious Diversity
iCARE Welcome Fiesta


International Cultures

Students from International cultures add to the diversity of NUS in many ways; diverse in their perspective, ideas and experiences. Every year, we welcome students from over 40 countries.
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Community Engagement Network (CEN) 

In our current climate, students need opportunities to explore cultural, social and religious identity and examine how our personal biases can influence and contribute to their beliefs. Such examination can promote understanding across religious and cultural differences and the desire for continued interreligious/interfaith learning.   

Relating to others of different religious identities opens the door for understanding, mutual respect and future interreligious interactions. The purpose of the CEN is so that our leaders can relate to anyone, whether they are atheist, Buddhist, Christian, or any religious/cultural affiliation. 

NUS Buddhist Society
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NUS Catholic Students Society
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NUS Chinese Society
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NUS Hindu Society
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NUS Indian Cultural Society
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NUS Interfaith
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NUS Legion of Mary
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NUS Malay Language Society (PBMUKS)
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NUS Muslim Society
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NUS Navigators
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NUS Sikh Cultural and Literary Society
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NUS Tamil Language Society
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NUS Varsity Christian Fellowship
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Religious diversity is one of Singapore's biggest strengths. It is not often that you can see people from different religious backgrounds come together harmoniously. 

Hear more about the religious diversity in NUS from our NUS students themselves. 

Four rays of hope and a purposeful student life
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