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Serving the NUS community on autopilot: TeamNUS

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Captain of NUS Swimming Yeo Kee Juan with his teammate, Wu Bing Xin, outside USC Collection Point

5 August 2021 

Year 2 Psychology student Yeo Kee Juan, who is Captain of NUS Swimming, did not return to the University Sports Centre (USC) today for his regular team training. In fact, the reversion to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) kept his teammates and him away from in-person Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). It has been almost a month since he saw his teammates at USC where they had last trained together. 

After a series of Zoom meetings, Kee Juan, together with four other swim teammates, decided to try something different: They supported one another in real life.

From the onset of hearing that the University is piloting a fast and easy testing (FET) regime and the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) needed additional manpower for the distribution of 15,000 test kits to the NUS community, Kee Juan did not hesitate to volunteer on-site. He rallied four other teammates from NUS Swimming to join him in this exercise.

OSA understands that the student athletes from various sports groups were equally proactive to answer the call for service at the test kits collection point. Apart from NUS Swimming, students from 10 other student sports groups – Ultimate Frisbee, Judo, Water Polo, Badminton, Tchoukball, Muay Thai, Dragon Boat, Kayaking, Netball – as well as Facilitators@NUS have signed up as volunteers and have been rostered for duty.

On the new testing regime

Kee Juan said, as a matter of fact, that having the NUS community practise a new regime of self-test is “being socially responsible in this pandemic”. He added that as an individual in society, nobody should have a misplaced reliance on people in power.

Serving the community in COVID-19 times

Even with deliberate safe management measure in this uncertain times, we are still #TeamNUS. This is not the first time that student athletes served the NUS community as well as the larger communities. Previously, they have also provided welfare for migrant workers who were recovering at the Community Recovery Facility (CRF) @ NUS in June last year. They also produced a playlist of easy workout videos so that our foreign worker friends can exercise in the comfort of their rooms.

OSA applauds their contribution to NUS effort to fight COVID-19. Go TeamNUS!


Day 1 at the USC Collection Point on 5 August 2021 


NUS Swimming Captain Yeo Kee Juan had to ensure that only eligible staff and student were allowed to proceed to the sports hall to collect their test kits


Other NUS Swimming team members in action at the collection point


Keeping the community safe: OSA staff doubled up as a counter manning staff during the test kit collection period


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About COVID-19 Fast and Easy Tests Pilot Programme

The FET regime for all students and staff is a pilot programme – using Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits – starting from 10 August 2021. The implementation of this pilot programme is an added precaution to safeguard the health of our students and staff. It will enable quick detection and better containment of community spread of the virus, in event of any confirmed COVID-19 cases.

All students are encouraged to book a timeslot for the collection of their free test kits. Please read the Quick Reference Guide.

For more information, visit 


Office of Student Affairs

Photos: Goh Qi Huang, Year 3, Nursing