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Play-based Volunteering - PHolunteers give back

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Ramond Ang Jia Jun, Year 1 Business student (left), and Ang Haowen, Year 2 Business student (right) led the children in games such as charade during the Children’s Day celebration.

Not exactly child's play. A Children’s Day special feature with the Singapore Children’s Society.

9 November 2020

Prince George’s Park House (PH) volunteers, or more fondly known as “PHolunteers”, engage in volunteering activities to give back to the community. The Hall sees this act of volunteering as a platform for residents to forge meaningful relationships with the organisations that they engaged with.

One of the beneficiaries of PHolunteers is Singapore Children’s Society (SCS). PHolunteers pair themselves up with a child from SCS so as to assist the child in his/her academic growth and development.

The COVID-19 situation did not impede 22 PHolunteers’ spirits when they conducted a Children’s Day event at SCS from 5 to 9 October. Activities such as magic performances, scissors paper stone race, charades, hangman, wacko and gifts distribution were a part of the day’s programming. 30 children from SCS participated in this 5-day event.    

ph-outside-scsFrom Left to Right: PHolunteers – Benjamin Lay Weijie, (Year 3), Low Jun Wei (Year 1) NUS Business School and Lai Shih-Han, School of Computing - at SCS every Monday. The trio took part in the Children Day’s event.

For many of the first-time volunteers, they were nervous at the beginning of the event. However, these feelings soon vanished when they started to bond well with the children. Some found the experience tiring but very satisfying. The children were full of energy and they kept the volunteers on their toes! Through this event, PHolunteers learnt how to be patient, open and innovative.

One of PH’s Project Directors (PD) Soh Huiwen, Eunice said: “The most rewarding part of the experience is to witness the growth of my relationship with the children.” Indeed, the smiles on the faces of the children were the volunteers’ greatest motivation and affirmation. Volunteers like Eunice look forward to regular sessions to bond more with the children.    

“I was thrilled when [the children] were able to recognise me, remember my name and some even seem more motivated to study when I arrive at the centre,” added Eunice.

Through these volunteering programmes, PH aims to engage its residents in regular local community service with their chosen beneficiaries. The PDs hope to have more such collaborations with different organisations and beneficiaries to build a culture of volunteering in PH by giving back to the community.

ph-peterLiao Shih-Wei (Peter), Year 1 Business student facilitated most of the games for the children and was very enthusiastic in ensuring the children had fun!



Writer: Yukta Tanvi Mahendran, Marketing Head of PH Frugality & Sustainability