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Keep Walking. Student Life is a Journey.

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6 February 2020

How do you create a meaningful student life? Things may look different now with a new routine — temperature taking and declaration, e-learning and now suspension of CCA. ⠀⠀
Meet FASS student Lee Yong Jie from NUS Enablers. At 19, he suffered a massive stroke that left him paralysed on the left-side of his body for one whole month. It hasn't been easy taking on the multitude of challenges. Like many of his peers, he fears not making it to graduation. Yong Jie shares his student life journey with us — life is anything but perfect. ⠀

COVID-19 does not define your student life. Together we can overcome.  


Photo by NUSSU Video & Photographic Committee
Video features Lee Yong Jie, Programmes Director, NUS Enablers, AY18/19