Juggle between CCAs and Studies – Is this possible in NUS?

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17 April 2020

Striving for academic excellence has become the “norm” for most students and staying at the top of your game is incredibly difficult.

Students have long been inundated with tests, projects and assignments. But what happens when you are also committed to a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) which you are passionate about? Suddenly, 24 hours a day no longer seem enough.

How does one then get the best of both worlds?

In this 2nd mini-webisode of OSA Insider, we chat with Year Three Mechanical Engineering student Russel Bradley, who is better known as the Project Director of NUANSA 2019: Lukisan Jati, an annual arts and cultural production. NUANSA is performed by a group of NUS students who want to share Indonesian culture with Singaporeans and non-Indonesians.

Russel admits that juggling his commitments has been challenging. However, he does not see these two realms of his campus life as mutually exclusive – he constantly applies the lessons learnt from one area to the other. Being in NUANSA has allowed him to channel his passion in a production while honing his leadership skills.

Watch how Russel balances his hectic student life.


Low Jia Hui, Undergraduate, CNM
Editor/Producer: Elissa Chia