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5 August 2020

Student life amid the pandemic may have been tough for many. How did a group of students persevere to realise their goal to help the community?

Student organisers of Project C.A.N. (Collection in Aid of the Needy) XVII, Kervin Tay, Year 2 Biz, Zhang Xin, Year 2 FOE and Hoi Kay, Year 2 FASS found the interactions with the organising committee, volunteers and beneficiaries of the project meaningful. This is how they have played their part.

“We recognise that there is a strong community need, and because of COVID-19, there is an even greater need for community service clubs to do more” said Kervin Tay, PD of Project C.A.N. XVII.

The 2020 edition of Project C.A.N. focusses on both needy families under ComCare Assistance, as well as healthcare workers from nursing homes. The team revealed that most of these healthcare workers are foreign workers living alone in Singapore and due to circuit breaker, they lost opportunities to socialise. Some were even forced to move out of their living areas to protect their beneficiaries. Thereby, Kervin and his team would like to appreciate healthcare workers’ efforts by extending their support.

The lack of physical interactions has led to a declination of involvement and contributions. There have also been elevated challenges in executing the project with several online fundraising portals alongside theirs - it has been difficult to attract donors who align with our project’s specific cause.

But what kept Project C.A.N going are the touching moments received from people from all walks of lives. Kervin recalled: “An NUS staff had offered to bake cookies for 2, 500 healthcare workers in spite of the sheer hours of baking for this large group of workers, it’s amazing she agreed to volunteer!”

"Nee Soon East Youth Network has been working with fellow youths and youth organisations in realising projects that are beneficial for the community. During this difficult time, we are glad to join efforts with NUS Students’ Community Service Club to show our appreciation to the healthcare heroes and help the underprivileged families to pull through."

- Ms. Lum Yi Chyi, Vice-Chairperson, Nee Soon East Youth Network

Project C.A.N. XVII Organising Committee 2020

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With such initiatives, why not help make Project C.A.N. the representative of NUS’s community efforts in showing solidarity? Along with their sponsor, Temasek Foundation, dollar-for-dollar matching fundraising efforts is also put into effect. This means for every dollar you donate, the impact would be doubled!

Write an appreciation note at or donate to Play a part because you C.A.N.! The collection ends on 31 Aug 2020.


Contributor: Amanda Sim, NUSync Linker, Year 3, SDE