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CleaNUS Project 2019: Behind the uniform - Muni

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NUS students spend a significant amount of their time on campus, so much so that the University often feels like a “second” home where their studies and play have become intertwined. In this second home, how often does the community stop and appreciate the cleaners who are seen pushing their cleaning carts? Do they recognise these everyday heroes’ weariness and sacrifices?

With this in mind, a team of Engineering students went behind-the-scenes to find out more about these heroes whose deeds often go unsung. These stories, with the running theme "Behind the Uniform", are inspired by NUS cleaners. Collectively, their project “CleaNUS” hopes to honour this “invisible” community by sharing their stories.

53-year old NUS cleaner Muni wakes up at 3:30am and travels to NUS to work. Working in the hot and humid weather in Singapore makes him perspire; and people sometimes stare at him and cover their noses. He is saddened by their gestures but life goes on. 


CleaNUS Project 2019 - Tay Kai Yang, Tung Kai Hong, Ho Yeung Gin, Seah Lynn, Zhou Weisheng, Bryan