Publicising Your Event


Getting Eyeballs for Your Event

Publicity is key when it comes to any event! Generating buzz before and after your event are as important as planning for the event itself! RSVPs rarely happens organically and you would need a publicity plan to get the word out. Find out how you can prepare your marketing materials and ways to reach your audiences. 

Preparing Your Publicity Materials

Publicity materials refer to posters, pamphlets, banners, email direct mailers, videos and brochures (both hard copies and digital on social media platforms) which are commonly used as marketing collaterals for publicity of events.

You must first obtain approval for your activities/events from your staff advisor via NUSync before producing the collaterals. Click to read the Endorsements, Sponsorships & Advertising Guidelines (Student Leaders Resources > Policies & Guidelines). 

In addition to programme details, a well-informed poster should include these information:

  • Organiser
  • Event Details (e.g. Date, time, venue)
  • Call-to-action (e.g. Registration)
Usage of the NUS Name and Corporate Logo

To create the NUS look and feel, the elements of the corporate identity must be applied consistently and correctly. Logos, colours and typefaces are all important components in reflecting the NUS identity in your materials.

You must seek prior consent through OSA for the use of the name of NUS and its corporate logo in any student event, and for all printed materials such as posters, merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, folders) and banners.

Read more about the guidelines here.

Outreach Platforms

1. On-campus Outdoor Media


Posters and notices may be displayed on NUSSU general notice boards, notice boards of Halls of Residence, Residential Colleges, Administrative or Academic Departments in NUS, subject to approval from the respective authorities overseeing the areas or departments. Students should seek prior approval from the board owners before displaying the posters.


Banner spaces are administered by the Office of Campus Amenities. Find out more here.

Digital Signages

Digital signages reach students where they eat, discuss and play. Six (6) digital signages located at Yusof Ishak House (YIH) are available to display your digital poster.

Drop in your event promotion request form via NUSync at least 2-week before your event date.

2. Online

NUSync & OSAY!

NUSync, the official CCA portal, is a great platform to promote your activities. You may list your events on the Events Calendar or share your events through OSAY!, a weekly e-newsletter that is sent out to all NUS Students.

Drop in your event promotion request form via NUSync at least 2-week before your event date.

3. Publications

If you wish to publish any print materials, you would be required to obtain a “Newspaper Permit” authorised by Media Development Authority (MDA). Examples of newspapers include dailies, company or society in-house newsletters, annual reports and directories. A permit is not required for publications such as novels or one-off commemorative booklets. You may check with your staff advisor to find out more.

Guide on Public Communications

From time to time, you may interact with external parties via face-to-face engagements as well as through online platforms. We hope that this guide, developed at the request of the Office of Student Affairs, will come in handy when you choose to share information in the public domain.  

Click here for more information.