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A Culture of Respect and Consent Workshop

Module Overview
NUS is dedicated to building a culture of respect and consent. Respect is the reason why consent matters and this concerns all of us. This course aims to increase our awareness and understanding of how each one of us can make a change by contributing to a safe and respectful campus environment. 
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, you will understand - 
What consent involves, and how it applies in friendships and more intimate relationships. The differences between “consent culture” and a culture where consent is violated, and how our actions can contribute to a culture that values respect for one another. The definitions and NUS policies on consent and sexual misconduct; how to report instances of sexual misconduct; and the resources available. 


Tea Consent

This educational video uses the offer of tea as a metaphor for obtaining consent.

"Calling out rape culture on TV" by Alicia Carroll. 

Carroll discusses the normalisation of rape culture in entertainment.