Diversity and Inclusion Grant

A grant programme under OSA will present you an opportunity to seek funding to support your projects, events and programming that enhance diversity and inclusion.



The Diversity and Inclusion Grant Programme seeks to :

  • Provide diverse experiences for our students
  • Inspire deeper engagement within our community
  • Focus on enhanced appreciation of marginalised communities and groups as part of our commitment to inclusion
  • Foster a culture that intentionally enhances inclusive programming and inclusive engagement


The D&I Grant will support projects that fulfil the following criteria:

(i)    Project scope must clearly demonstrate the main intent of promoting D&I, e.g having least 2 different communities in the engagement programme/activity

(ii)     Students to work with a community partner which could be a NUS department, faculty or residences or externally with corporates, government or non-profit organisations

(iii)   Full-time undergraduate or graduate students are eligible to apply for the grant and complete an Introductory workshop to Diversity and Inclusion with Cultural Intelligence as part of the process

(iv)   All projects must have a NUS staff advisor either from faculty or department;

(v)    Beneficiaries can be NUS community and/or external communities

(vi)   Research on D&I issues, advocacy and education programmes can be funded besides community engagement activities case by case

(vii)  Project should include evaluation of proposed outcomes and a continuity plan

The D&I Grant will not be considered for:


  • Full-time NUS students
  • Applicant/Project Leader should complete the project before graduating from the university


The D&I Grant will not cover the full cost of the project, events or programmes. The grant will provide funding of up to 90% of qualifying project expenditure (total project expenditure), capped at not more than $10,000.

Non-qualifying Expenses

  • Fundraising costs;
  • Costs that are deemed unnecessary for the project

Qualifying Expenses

  • Resources for engagement with the target communities (e.g. Zoom subscription)

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) reserves the right to:

  • Set conditions for approved initiatives;
  • Place a cap on expenditure that has been deemed unnecessary for the initiative;
  • Adjust, withdraw, or recover the grant, in full or part thereof, awarded if:
  • The project is not completed as planned, or is abandoned
  • The project has deviated from its original proposal
  • The grant is not required in its entirety
  • The grant exceeds 90% of qualifying project expenditure
  • The terms and conditions of the grant agreement are not met
  • Other extenuating conditions that require a review of the approval of the grant


All current students and student organisations are encouraged to apply by completing the Project Submission Application Form and sending it to the relevant grant officer.


Applications for Cycle 2 are now open till 19 February 2021
D&I Grant Application Process

Contact the grant officer to arrange for a consultation (refer to the next section for contact information). You may wish to look through this checklist before meeting the grant officer. 

Submit your grant application via NUSync here.


OSA Grant Main Officer Josephine Liardon
6601 3094
General OSA CE Email community.engagement@nus.edu.sg

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