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Yusof Ishak House (YIH)

NUS student organisations may book the following facilities for your events, training or discussion needs.

YIH Discussion Rooms

Located at Level 1 of YIH, these discussion rooms are good for intimate project discussion.

Capacity: 10 - 15

YIH Training Rooms

Training Room 3 & 4 are located at Level 1, YIH. They are suitable for small group
Paris Room and Toyko Room are adjourning rooms that can be booked separately or combined.

Capacity: 30

YIH Dance Studio

Capacity: 20

University Sports Centre (USC)

Student life extends to the new University Sports Centre (USC). Other than housing 1 indoor pool, 1 outdoor pool, squash courts, multi-purpose hall, gym, and more, do you know that USC also has great meeting venues? Check them out.

University Sports Centre Conference Room

Capacity: 20

University Sports Centre Meeting Rooom 1 & 2

Capacity: 10

Open Air Venues


The Plaza@YIH is the area right next to the Yusof Ishak House. It is suitable for holding musical performances and events such as bazaars as well as non-overnight orientation activities. Do note that the area is partially sheltered only. 

Booking Procedures

NUS student organisations registered with the Office of Student Affairs can book the open venues with endorsement from the respective staff adviser through REBOKS. NUS departments may  also book the above facilities with submission of this form to . Bookings should be made at least four weeks in advance and usage should be for the facilities’ primarily purposes.

All bookings of facilities are subjected to the terms and conditions listed here. Please write to for enquiries on and booking of the open venues

Advertising Spaces on Campus

Central Library Facade Banner Spaces

If you wish to display your banner at the central library facade, log in to the Facility Booking System at directly to book the Central Library Facade Banner Spaces. They can be found under “Others” (e.g. Open Space, Barbecue pit, Canteen, Banner etc) and will be renamed as:

1. BN43- CL1 (Central Library Facade Banner)
2. BN44- CL2 (Central Library Facade Banner)
3. BN45- CL3 (Central Library Facade Banner)
4. BN46- CL4 (Central Library Facade Banner)
5. BN47- CL5 (Central Library Facade Banner)
6. BN48- CL6 (Central Library Facade Banner)

Banner Size

  • 5m (Height) x 3m (Length) or

  • 1m (Height) x 5m (Length)


Only registered NUS Student Organisations and NUS Departments may book the venues.


  • Applicants are allowed to book up to a maximum of 21 days per semester (inclusive of start & end dates)

  • Banner spaces are subjected to availability and booking is processed on a first-come-first-served basis

  • Rejected applications will have their reserved slots released

  • Please confirm banner position before installation as occupying the wrong slot may generate problems for other banner space users (banner space numbers are clearly indicated on the railings)

  • It is recommended that you engage the NUS term contractor for the installation and dismantling of the banners

  • Applicants are advised to include the setting up and clearing time into their bookings to ensure a smooth transition of banner space to the next applicant

  • Charges incurred for banner removal will be borne by the owner of overdue banners

  • Kindly advise your contractor to recycle the used banner upon dismantling; click here to find out more about waste management

  • For more information on the use of the facilities, refer to the Terms & Conditions of REBOKS. Any infringement found during your booking is subject to the Schedule of Suspensions

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Susan from the Office of Campus Amenities (OCA) at 6516 2355 or

Other Banner Spaces on Campus

Wish to book other advertising spaces? Email Irene Liew at from Office of Campus Amenities.