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Frequently Asked Questions

What will staying on campus be like? / What will life at PGP House be like?
Living on campus away from home will be an excellent opportunity to be more independent.

  • You will get the opportunity to make friends from diverse backgrounds and forge strong friendships.
  • At PGP House, you will read 2 modules as part of the General Education curriculum.
  • At PGP House, you will also get the chance to be part of student-led interest groups (e.g. sports, baking, board games).
  • At PGP House, you will also receive guidance and support from a dedicated team of seniors known as Peer Mentors who will help you transit successfully into university life.
How much will I have to pay to stay in PGP House?
Unlike other Halls, PGP House does not offer meal plans.Residents have the flexibility to have their meals at nearby food stalls or cook their own food in their cluster commons.

For latest updates on room rates, please click here

What is the difference between PGP House and PGP Residences?
While PGP House resides within Prince George's Park Residences (PGPR), we are actually two separate housing organisations offering different types of programmes and experience. Being a Hall of Residence, PGP House has its own distinctive culture and features various house-wide activities such as Peer Mentoring Programme, Interest Groups and Frugal Innovation initiatives. House residents are expected to participate and support actively in House activities. 

On the hand, PGPR offers independent living with opportunities for cross cultural interaction with the international community of students. Residences tend to be quieter than Halls and offer more privacy for its residents.

What is the Peer Mentoring Programme? / What do Peer Mentors do?
Peer Mentors are selected seniors who help first-year mentees transit to university life. They provide academic guidance and organize social activities through regular meetup sessions. They also impart life skills to their mentees.

Peer Mentors also serve as community leaders to residents staying on their floor. They organize social activities to create opportunities for neighbours to interact and know one another.

What are Resident Fellows (RFs)? What are the roles of RFs?
Resident Fellows (RFs) are Academic or Executive & Professional staff appointed to live in a Hall of Residence. Together with the House Master, they enhance the residential life experience of students living in the Halls and serve as advisors and mentors. They also serve as community builders and provide pastoral care to residents.

What are Resident Assistants (RAs)? What are the roles of RAs?
Resident Assistants (RAs) are appointed student leaders who work closely with the House Master, Resident Fellows and Managers to create a safe and conducive living environment for residents. They uphold community standards, respond to crisis situations, upkeep facilities, and provide pastoral care to residents. 

RAs also provide administrative and logistical support to House-wide events, Peer Mentoring Programme and Interest Groups.

What are Interest Group Leaders (IGLs)? What are the roles of IGLs?
Interest Group Leaders (IGLs) are appointed student leaders who have passionate interest and/or expert skill-sets in a hobby/activity (e.g. cooking, karaoke, soccer). They organize and facilitate activities to create opportunities for residents with similar interests or who are interested to learn more about the activity to mingle and cultivate their interest.

Can I keep pets in PGP House? 
No, pets are not permitted under NUS Housing Guidelines.

What are the food options available?
We have 2 food courts and 1 cafeteria offering a wide variety of food such as Indian (Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian), Korean, Chinese, Western food and more... some say we have the best Mala in NUS! There is also a Halal certified sandwich dispensing machine!

Is there any convenience store nearby?
My Village is situated just within walking distance from the hostel, and it features Singapore's first A.I. unmanned convenience store!

Imagine shopping for your daily necessities without having to wait for long queues or squeeze with the crowd 24/7 anytime and any day. Powered by A.I. technology, simply grab what you want and just walk out to complete your payment within seconds!

Where can I find more information?
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