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Peer Student Supporters Recruitment

You don't need to be an expert to be a friend. Join our friendly team and be a there for someone in need of a listening ear.


Join us a Peer Student Supporter

The Peer Student Supporters (PSS) Programme is an initiative by OSA Student Wellness. PSS will be equipped with the necessary basic helping skills to befriend and support their peers who are in need and guide them to the appropriate help and resources available. Before applying learn more about us here

Role of a PSS

  • To provide peer support on campus for students
  • To organise outreach and wellness projects and events to promote self-care and community-care
  • To guide peers to the appropriate help and resources available on campus

Note: PSSs are not counsellors

Training includes:

  • Module: DMY1401PSP - Peer Supporting Peer
  • Mental health literacy
  • Understanding of mental health issues and disorders
  • Supervision
  • Basic peer helping skills and coping techniques
  • Understanding of boundaries, confidentiality and ethical issues 


  • Application is open to both full time Undergraduate and Graduate students from NUS
  • Only students who can commit to the training and meeting listed in the commitment section below may apply


  • Attend a 2-day training
  • Provide peer support at PitStop@YIH: 3 hours weekly (during Term Time)
  • Attend Connect, Equip and Engage (CEE) session: 2-4 every fortnight


*Applications for the Peer Student Support DYOM programme for AY21/22 Semester 1 is now closed. Applications for the AY21/22 Semester 2 DYOM programme will open September 2021.

Email us at to find out more about eligibility and module requirements. 

Follow us @nus.pss

Tiffany Ho

“Although I’m still learning, I’m happy to say that I have achieved my goal of being a better support for my friends.”

- Tiffany Ho

Peer Student Supporter, AY20/21