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Peer Student Supporters Recruitment

You don't need to be an expert to be a friend. Join our friendly team and be there for someone in need of a listening ear.


Join us as a Peer Student Supporter

The Peer Student Supporters (PSS) Programme is an initiative by OSA Student Wellness. PSS will be equipped with the necessary basic helping skills to befriend and support their peers who are in need and guide them to the appropriate help and resources available.

Roles of a PSS

  • To provide peer support on campus for students
  • To organise outreach and wellness projects and events to promote self-care and community-care
  • To guide peers to the appropriate help and resources available on campus

Note: PSSs are not counsellors

DMY1401PSP – Peer Supporting Peer

All PSS go through training in the 4 Units DYOM Course. Students can look forward to learning the following in the course:

  • Mental health literacy
  • Mental health issues and disorders
  • Basic peer helping skills and coping techniques
  • Boundaries, confidentiality and ethical issues
  • Suicide awareness and prevention 

The learning modes include:

  • Connect, Equip and Engage (CEE) sessions
  • Self-directed e-learning through MOOCs
  • Self-discovery through personal reflections
  • Group work
  • Individual research


  • Application is open to both full time Undergraduate and Graduate students from NUS
  • Passed interview selection 

Application for the programme running in AY23/24 Semester 1 is now open.

Email us at if you have questions about the eligibility and course requirements. 

Follow us @nus.pss

Puah Yuu Shuen

PSS will equip you with skills and knowledge to be the best version of yourself while empowering others at the same time. In a heartbeat, joining PSS was the best addition to my university life.

- Puah Yuu Shuen

Peer Student Supporter, Projects Head

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