NUS University Campus Tour

Discover the adventurous navigator in you and come explore NUS on your own. Using the self-guided tour, you have the freedom and flexibility to explore various parts of the university without having to stick to a guided itinerary.

Not sure where to start? Not to worry, our self-guided campus tour maps are available and provides some suggested tour routes for your consideration. Chart your own journey in NUS today and download a copy of our self-guided tour map here.

Another option - take a virtual tour.

In addition to the maps, the NUS Campus Explorer mobile app provides user-friendly and intuitive instructions for self-guided campus tours. Our app curated all relevant information regarding the school, from building descriptions, opening hours, contact numbers, and much more. The app provides the route for visitors to go on our University Town (UTown) Tour with engaging audio guides on the campus map with GPS. Say goodbye to wandering around aimlessly, boring tours, and guidebooks... and have an awesome tour!


NUS Foodie (Android & iOS)
This app shows you the directory of food outlets and promotions within NUS. This app also allows you to view the crowd density estimation and real time images of a canteen.


NUS NextBus (Android & iOS)
This app shows arrival times of NUS shuttle bus services, the nearest bus stop and bus route information.


Around NUS (Android & iOS)
This app display maps, information and guides on facilities and services across our three campuses.


NUS Carparks (Android & iOS)
This app shows you the nearest car parks with available spaces, their locations and directions within NUS.