NUS Student Assistance Loan                                 (including loan top-up for notebook purchase)


The loan quantum varies according to the financial need and nationality of the applicant, and the availability of funds.

The loan is tenable for the entire undergraduate course duration (unless otherwise stated in the loan agreement) and re-application is not required.

The NUS Student Assistance Loan is supported by NUS and private donors via the following loan funds:
  • Alumni Student Loan Fund
  • Daisy Pang Students' Loan fund
  • Golden Jubilee Loan Fund
  • Hong Leong Foundation Loan Fund
  • Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Loan Fund
  • Lien Foundation Loan Fund
  • Ng See Yook Loan Fund
  • James & Mei Loh Student Loan Fund
  • NUS Management Loan Fund
  • NUS Society Students' Loan Fund
  • NUS Students' Loan Fund
  • NUSSU Students' Loan Fund
  • Shaw Foundation Loan Fund
  • Singapore Turf Club Loan Fund
  • Students' Assistance Loan Fund

Who can be considered for the loan?

Financially needy undergraduates who have been offered or are in receipt of the NUS Study Loan with the living allowance component and who incur accommodation expenses. Students who are offered the loan or existing recipients may appeal for a one-time top-up to their loan if they need further assistance with the purchase of a notebook, starting from AY2018/2019.

Recipients of the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship, NUS Merit Scholarship, NUS Faculty Scholarships, University Engineering Scholarship and such other scholarships which do not cover accommodation expenses are also eligible to apply for this loan.

Note: Undergraduates who are reading the Concurrent Degree Programmes are not eligible for the loan once they are charged graduate tuition fee.


The loans are interest free. The repayment period depends on the value of the loans and varies from 3 to 5 years. Repayment can be in one lump sum or in fixed equal monthly installments commencing not later than 3 months after graduation.


A guarantor is required. He or she must be between 21 and 60 years old and is not a bankrupt. Only Singapore Citizen guarantors are acceptable for Singapore Citizen students; Singaporean/SPR guarantors are acceptable for SPR students and Singaporean/SPR/non-Singaporean guarantors are acceptable for international students. 


To be considered for the NUS Student Assistance Loan, you are required to apply for Financial Aid here.

Disbursement of Funds

Upon satisfactory compliance of all terms and conditions of the financial aid offer, the loan funds will be credited to the student's account by the Office of Finance around September each year. All fees due to the University will however be deducted from such proceeds prior to crediting.

* Monthly household per capita income refers to the total gross monthly income of all those living in the household divided by the number of people in the household.