NUS Donated Bursaries

Please click here for the list of NUS Donated Bursaries. 

The bursary quantum is assessed based on the financial needs of the applicant.

Needy full-time undergraduates. Eligibility is dependent on the assessed level of neediness of the applicant.

Undergraduates who are reading the Concurrent Degree Programmes are not eligible for the bursary once they are charged graduate tuition fee.

Successful recipients are required to:

  1. submit appreciation letters to donors;
  2. meet-up session with donors (if requested); and
  3. provide assistance at Faculty or University events (if requested) 

These bursaries will be offered from July/August onwards and are funded by donations. Thus, eligible students will be contacted from July/August onwards and may be required to attend interviews.

Recipients may not concurrently hold the NUS Donated Bursary with any other scholarship/bursary/free aid but will be allowed to hold the following if offered:

  • Higher Education Community Bursary or Higher Education Bursary
  • MENDAKI Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy
  • Awards or bursaries related to overseas exchange programmes such as Student Exchange Programmes (SEP) and NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programmes 

A bursary is tenable for up to and only one year, therefore a fresh application is required each academic year.

To be considered for the NUS Donated Bursaries, you are required to apply for Financial Aid here.

Upon satisfactory compliance of all terms and conditions of the financial aid offer, the funds will be credited to the student's account by the Office of Finance twice yearly in half around September and February each year. All fees due to the University will however be deducted from such funds prior to crediting.