As a Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level student; if you have done well in your MTL subject (Chinese, Malay or Tamil) at the 'A' Level examination, you are eligible to use MTL Bonus Points for admission to the College of Humanities and Sciences (CHS)

MTL bonus points will be awarded according to the following:

  1. Two bonus points for applicants who attained at least an E grade H2 MTLL/Translation/China Studies in Chinese;
  2. One bonus point for applicants who attained at least an A grade in H1 MTL;
  3. One bonus point for applicants who attained at least a B grade in H1 General Studies in Chinese; and
  4. Students offering any combinations of MTL-related subjects are allowed to accumulate the MTL bonus points allocated for each subject, including a combination of H1 MTL and H2 MTLL.

The maximum bonus points will be three.

If you wish to be considered under the MTL Bonus Points scheme, you must indicate 'YES' to this option in the relevant section of the online application form. Admission Selection Committee will consider you for the MTL Bonus Points scheme if you did not meet the admission requirements for the Humanities and Sciences programme.

Upon successful admission through the MTL Bonus Points Scheme, you need not major in your respective Mother Tongue Language subjects offered in CHS:

  • Chinese Language: Chinese Language or Chinese Studies
  • Malay Language: Malay Studies
  • Tamil Language: South Asian Studies

You only need to undertake that you will read at least 7 courses (or 28 units) taught in the Mother Tongue Language, under the respective subjects.  These courses will be counted towards your degree requirements.

For more information, please click here.

If you do not meet CHS’ admission requirements after factoring the MTL bonus points, you are still eligible to be considered under the Mother Tongue-Aptitude Based Admission (or MT-ABA) scheme. You may be shortlisted for an interview and if you are found suitable for admission, you will have to major in your respective mother tongue language subject offered in CHS.