Estimated Expenses

It would be essential for you as an undergraduate to engage in some personal financial planning to get you through the months. To assist you in this process, we have done for you a simple breakdown of expenses.

We estimate that as a full-time undergraduate studying in NUS, living conservatively, you may reasonably incur the following monthly expenses.

Items Estimated monthly expenditure (Based on 4.3 x weekly rates) 
Accomodation On-Campus (Single)
S$325 to S$605
On-Campus (Double)
Food Halls of Residence only (Meal Plans)
S$ 90 to S$112*
University Canteens / Food Courts
S$250 to S$350
Books and stationery (depends on programme of study)
S$100 to S$200
Transport Concession Travel on Public Buses (SBS Transit and SMRT Bus Services)
Concession Travel on Public Trains (SMRT Train and Light Rail Services)
Concession Travel on Both Public Buses and Trains
Travel Expenses on Public Buses / Trains (without concession)
S$150 to S$200
Personal expenses Toiletries, clothing, groceries, entertainments, etc.
S$150 to S$200

NB: The costs have been derived based on a conservative estimate. The actual amount could be higher or lower depending on your expenditure and lifestyle patterns.

*Meal plans may vary and some of the halls of residence may not provide every meal during the week. Students should be prepared to budget for meals not provided in the meal plan.