Confirmation of Enrolment in Academic Year 2024 – 2025 for Returning National Servicemen (RNS)

Returning National Servicemen (RNS) with reserved places in NUS and are enroling in AY2024–2025 should refer to the following information before proceeding to confirm your enrolment status online.

Before you begin, you should understand which of the following option is suitable for your response as you can only choose ONE of the options:

  • Select option (a): If your ORD is before / on 5 August 2024.  Then refer to the RNS Acceptance Portal for your enrolment information.
  • Select option (b): If you are unable to enrol in the University commencing on 5 August 2024 due to National Service commitments (i.e. RNS whose ORD is after 5 August 2024) and you want to keep your reserved undergraduate programme for the following academic year. 

You must complete the RNS Deferment Request Form and email it to the Office of Admissions by the deadline stipulated on the form.

  • Select option (c): If you are unable to enrol in the University commencing on 7 August 2023 due to National Service commitments (i.e. RNS whose ORD is after 7 August 2023) and you want to enrol in this academic year.

The Office of Admissions will send the certifying letter to you within 10 working days after the closing of the Confirmation of Enrolment Exercise. You can submit the certifying letter to apply for disruption from MINDEF.

  • Select option (d): If you no longer have interest to enrol in NUS. No further action is required. The system acknowledgement will serve as the confirmation for your decision.

The confirmation of enrolment exercise will begin in November / December 2023.

An email notification will be sent to your registered email with NUS.

Confirmation of Enrolment Exercise Flowchart
RNS Flowchart_2

Step 1 :
You will need to use your Application Number and PIN to log into the Applicant Portal to complete the enrolment confirmation exercise. You will find your Application Number in the email sent to you in November / December 2023. 

If you have forgotten your PIN, you must reset your PIN via our Online PIN Reset System.

Step 2 :
Verify your personal particulars, undergraduate programme reserved and ORD information after successful login. 

Any change to your personal particulars (except name) and ORD information must be updated before submitting your confirmation online.

If there is a change to your full name, you must send an email to the Office of Admissions with a copy of your deed poll, NRIC or passport for verification and updating of your NUS record.

Step 3 :
Choose ONLY one of the four options given in the online form, which are as follows:

a) I am able to enrol in Academic Year 2024-2025.

b) I would like to apply for deferment of enrolment in next Academic Year 2025-2026.

c)  I would like to apply for disruption to enrol in Academic Year 2024-2025.

d) I will not enrol in NUS.

Step 4 :

Check that the confirmation form has been completed correctly before you click the ‘Submit’ button.  You will receive a system acknowledgement once you have successfully completed this step.  Hardcopy confirmation form will not be accepted.

blue online confirmation button