Submit Appeals

Appeal after the release of application outcome

If you wish to appeal against the admission decision of NUS, you are required to submit an online appeal during the online appeal exercise in late May 2024. You may submit multiple appeals but only the last online appeal received by the closing date of the online appeal exercise will be considered.

A maximum of 1000 characters is allowed for the reasons of your appeal. You are strongly advised to exercise personal planning when submitting the appeal as applying only to NUS is not a valid reason for appeals.  The length of the written appeal does not enhance your chances, hence it is important for you to provide a concise summary.  

Mass emailing to multiple parties within NUS outside the appeal protocol will result only in slowing down the appeal process. The NUS Office of Admissions coordinates with the Faculties/Schools on appeals for admission.  Please note that the outcome of appeal for all categories of applications will be released progressively from mid-June 2024.  

Applicants, who appeal to us, may already have received one or more offers from the local Autonomous Universities (AUs). You should accept one of the programmes that has been offered to you while you await the outcome of your appeal. If you do not accept any programme that has been offered to you by the acceptance deadline, your place will be given to another applicant.

Please note that appeals to Architecture, Dentistry, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, all Law-related programmes, Medicine, Nursing and some of the concurrent / double degree programmes (CDPs/DDPs) that require a selection interview, will not be considered, unless you have attended the required aptitude tests and interviews conducted earlier.

Submitting an online appeal

You can submit an online appeal via our Applicant Portal with your Application Number and PIN. 

To submit an online appeal, please click on "Submit Appeal" at the main page of the Applicant Portal. There are a total of 3 sections - Section (1), (2) and (3). All sections are compulsory. Please follow the instructions as listed in the page before submitting the appeal.