Tackling the global emergency to fight for our future

Climate change is threatening decades of development progress and centuries of progressive civilisation. Exacerbated by rapid urbanisation, the repercussions of climate change may be irreversible by 2030.

NUS will join the fight against this global emergency by building up climate change defence and tackling issues of water scarcity and food science and technology. The University will also focus on blue carbon and biodiversity conservation through nature-based climate solutions.

There is also an increasing need to look into issues arising from urbanisation, including the planning and design of the built environment to ensure sustainability and wellness for the population.

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Magnifying the multiplier effect of entrepreneurship

Innovation and enterprise are strong propellers of economic growth and social progress. NUS aims to create and support an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia to enable the flow of talents and ideas and easy access to markets.

Other than expanding existing programmes, NUS will foster stronger partnerships with local and regional players across public and private sectors, which will anchor Singapore’s position as the region’s entrepreneurial hub. NUS will also ramp up collaborations with matured economies to leverage their expertise and network.

Furthermore, the University will focus on supporting deep technology start-ups, promoting social entrepreneurship, and continuing to create a conducive entrepreneurial environment to develop the world’s future unicorns.

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Optimising the full potential of people

Healthy longevity transcends physical health to ensure a life lived with productivity and engagement, well-being, equity, and cohesion and security. NUS hopes to address the phenomenon of the rapidly ageing population by spearheading the journey to optimise human aspiration and capacity from cradle to grave.

In addition to the focus on improving healthcare and harnessing technology, efforts are also dedicated to expanding the human healthspan by maximising the social, behavioural and environmental enablers. This includes ensuring the continued productive engagement of seniors, financial security, a conducive built environment, and social science and public policy planning that will impact the overall development of the population.

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Harnessing technology to provide solutions for real-world issues

Technology has been a strong catalyst for progress, and NUS will harness the power of technology to do good in healthcare, sustainability, and education. The University aims to be an important partner with new innovations using Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to shape the digital era.

NUS is also examining critical issues to stop technology from doing bad, such as cybersecurity, managing the spread of misinformation and establishing laws and ethical frameworks around technological applications.

In addition, the University will continue to attract, develop and retain technology talents in Singapore and the region to serve as a talent hub for the digital economy.

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Ensuring that nobody gets left behind

Education is a powerful tool to deliver upward social mobility. Enabling all students to have the opportunity for higher education regardless of their socioeconomic background has always been one of NUS’ top priorities.

Beyond raising funds for bursaries and scholarships, NUS hopes to seek strong support for outreach programmes to empower the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities and encourage inclusion and diversity.

Through these efforts and the promotion of lifelong learning, the University hopes to build resilience and shape the nation’s growth.

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