Annual Giving

A commitment to mindful giving

Annual Giving is a campaign that encourages a commitment to mindful giving. Its success is testament to the solidarity of the NUS community, including alumni, Commencement Class, students, faculty and staff members, as well as friends. Many have begun a habit of giving on an annual basis, much like how they would plan for birthdays and holidays.



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Giving News

Shopee Engineer Keeps Paying It Forward

With time freed up to be at school instead of taking up part-time work, Ms Won found that she could fully immerse herself in university life

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With Gratitude

"I hope you recognise that your gift is not just a number, but it is a lifeline for someone; someone like me"

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Ee Peng Liang Scholarship Recipient is working towards a more caring society

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I benefited from NUS and this is the little bit that I can do for my alma mater. Those who have walked through the door of opportunity should turn back and hold it open for others to pass through.

– Mr Teo Yi-Dar (’96), Annual Giving donor

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