School of Design & Environment

School of Design & Environment

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1 School’s Commitment

2 Key Contact Information

3 Undergraduate Education

3.1 Degrees Offered

3.2 Degree Requirements

3.2.1 BA (Architecture) (Hons) Programme

3.2.2 BA (Industrial Design) (Hons) Programme

3.2.3 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons) Programme

3.2.4 BSc (Project & Facilities Management) (Hons) Programme

3.2.5 BSc (Real Estate) (Hons) Programme

3.3 Multidisciplinary Opportunities

3.3.1 Minor Programmes Minor in Architectural Studies Minor in Infrastructure Management and Finance Minor in Project Management Minor in Real Estate Minor in Urban Studies

3.3.2 Second Major Programme Second Major in Real Estate Finance 

3.4 Special Programmes

3.4.1 Student Exchange Programme [SEP] and NUS Overseas Colleges [NOC]

3.4.2 Internship Programme

3.4.3 Summer Programme

3.5 Financial Assistance and Scholarships

3.5.1 School-Level Financial Assistance/Scholarships

3.5.2 Department-Level Financial Assistance/Scholarships Department of Architecture Financial Assistance/Scholarships Department of Building Financial Assistance/Scholarships Department of Real Estate Financial Assistance/Scholarships

3.6 Academic Awards

4 Graduate Education

4.1 Research Programmes

4.1.1 Degrees Offered

4.1.2 Degree Requirements

4.2 Coursework Programmes

4.2.1 Degrees Offered

4.2.2 Degree Requirements Master of Architecture Master of Architecture with specialisation in Urban Design Master of Architecture with specialisation in Design Technology and Sustainability (DTS) Master of Arts (Urban Design) Master of Landscape Architecture Master of Science (Building Performance and Sustainability) Master of Science (Project Management) Master of Science (Real Estate) Master of Urban Planning Master of Science (Integrated Sustainable Design) Master of Science (Environmental Management) The NUS MBA – Master of Science (Real Estate) Double Degree Programme The NUS Master of Science (Real Estate) and Renmin MBA Double Degree Programme

4.3 Financial Assistance and Scholarships

4.3.1 Edward D’silva Award – Dissertation/ Design Thesis – Master of Architecture

4.3.2 NUSS MEM Scholarship

4.3.3 Shell Bursary

4.3.4 Shell Best Dissertation Award

4.3.5 Tan Chay Bing Bursary

4.3.6 The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship

4.3.7 Cheong Koon Hean Scholarship

4.4 Academic Awards

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