Sidebar    Honours Eligibility and Honours Projects

For BSc (Hons)

1. Students who matriculated in and after AY2012/2013 (excluding those majoring four-year programmes: Computational Biology, Data Science and Analytics, Pharmaceutical Science and Quantitative Finance), and students who matriculate in and after AY2014/15 majoring in Quantitative Finance will be eligible for Honours if they have:

  • Fulfilled the requirements of one major at BSc level; and
  • Obtained a minimum overall CAP of 3.20 on completion of 100 MCs or more.

Registering for Honours Projects:

  • Students in majors must have fulfilled the minimum eligibility criteria (as stated in Para 1. above) at the point of registering for the honours project module. Students from the Food Science and Technology major must have completed one semester of professional placement.
  • Students who choose not to proceed to Honours even though they are eligible may exit from the programme and graduate with a BSc degree after satisfying graduation requirements at BSc level (see Section 3.3.1, Para A).

2. The Computational Biology, Data Science and Analytics, Pharmaceutical Science majors are four-year programmes leading to a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree, subject to a minimum CAP attainment.

For BPharm (Hons)

Pharmacy is a four-year programme leading to a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) degree, subject to a minimum CAP attainment.

Students admitted to the programme from AY2014/2015 onwards have to complete either PR4196 Pharmacy Research Project and Scientific Communication in Pharmacy, or the stated alternatives to PR4196, in their final year.