Sidebar    Degree Requirements

Students in the BEng. (Mechanical Engineering) programme are required to satisfy the following requirements to graduate from the course:

  • Complete a minimum of 160 MCs with a CAP ≥ 2.0.
  • Pass the modules in accordance with Table 2.2.10a.

Table 2.2.10a: Summary of Modular Requirements and Credits

Modular Requirements MCs
University Level Requirements 20
General Education Modules (GE) (5 Modules, each of 4MCs)

•Human Cultures (HC)
•Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
•Thinking and Expression (T&E)
•Singapore Studies (SS)
•Asking Questions (AQ)

Unrestricted Electives 32
Programme Requirements: 108
Faculty Requirements 6
ES2531 Critical Thinking & Writing 4
EG2401A Engineering Professionalism 2
Common Core 36
MA1505 Mathematics I 4
MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering 2
MA1513 Linear Algebra with Differential Equations 2
ME1102 Engineering Principles & Practice I 4
ME2104 Engineering Principles & Practice II 4
CS1010E Programming Methodology 4
EG1311 Design and Make 4
MLE1010 Materials Engineering Principles and Practice 4
EE2211 Introduction to Machine Learning 4
IE2141 Systems Thinking and Dynamics 4
ME Core Modules 28
ME2112 Strength of Materials 4
ME2121 Engineering Thermodynamics 4
ME2134 Fluids Mechanics I 4
ME2142 Feedback Control Systems 4
ME2115 Mechanics of Machines 4
ME3162 Manufacturing Processes 4
ME2102 Engineering Innovation and Modelling 4
ME Design Project & Internship Modules 18
ME3103 Mechanical Systems Design or ME4101A B.Eng Dissertation 8
EG3611A Industrial Attachment 10
ME Technical Electives 12
Pathway Requirements 8
Total 160