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It is estimated that the world’s urban population recently surpassed 50% of the total population. Asia remains less than 50% urbanised but is one of the most rapidly urbanising regions on Earth. International linkages between urban management professionals of various kinds are also increasing and Singapore is seen as a leader in many aspects of urban management, policy and planning. For these and other reasons, opportunities for urban professionals are likely to continue to increase.

Students will be offered the chance to develop expertise and skills in urban studies that would be an asset not only for those already majoring in an urban-related area, but also for the many others from various faculties who have an interest in urban-related careers. Students will get the opportunity to make explicit to employers their special strengths in this area. Students will be provided with a good balance of breadth of knowledge, practical skills, and theoretical depth in a range of urban-related fields. The minor is not conceived as an introduction to any major in urban studies or such like. Instead, it is to be seen purely as a minor which can enhance the degrees and employability of students taking a wide variety of existing majors. This Minor is open to all students.

Programme Requirements

Pass at least 24 MCs of modules, which include the following:

  1. a minimum of 12 MCs from the Core modules, with
  2. a minimum of 4 MCs from RE-prefixed modules
  3. a minimum of 4 MCs from GE-prefixed modules
  4. a minimum of 8 MCs of Elective modules
  5. a minimum of 8 MCs at Level-3000 or higher

Note 1:

A minimum of 16 MCs must be modules taken outside the department(s) of the student’s major(s).

Note 2:

A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor.


RE-prefixed modules
RE1101 Fundamentals of Real Estate Finance
RE1102 Urban Land Use and Development
RE1103 Property and Facilities Management
RE1705 Real Estate Finance and Accounting
RE1701 Urban Land Use and Development
GE1706 Design and Construction


GE-prefixed modules
GE2204 Cities in Transition
GE3204 Cities and Regions: Planning for Change


AR2223 Theory of Urban Design and Planning
EC3381 Urban Economics
EC3382 Transport Economics I
GE2202 Economy and Space
GE3219 Globalisation and the Asian Cities
GE3236 Transport and Communications
GE3241 Geographies of Social Life
RE2104 Real Estate Finance
RE2706 Real Estate Finance
RE2701 Urban Planning
RE3701 Real Estate Investment Analysis
RE3902 Housing Markets and Policies
RE3103 Real Estate Development
RE3105 Regional Real Estate Development
RE4211 REIT Management
RE4301 Housing Markets and Housing Policies
RE4302 International Real Estate
SC3206 Urban Sociology


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