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As the most populous nation and one of the oldest civilisations in the world, China has become increasingly important in international politics and the global economy. China is not only a dynamic market but also a strategic partner to Singapore. Today, China is Singapore’s fifth largest trading partner, while Singapore constitutes the sixth largest foreign investor in the People’s Republic of China. The realisation of a China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement by 2010 will potentially create a market area of 1.7 billion consumers and involve two-way annual trade worth US$1.2 trillion dollars. China, in short, offers enormous potential for Singapore and great prospects for new graduates. The demand for graduates with knowledge of China will increase significantly as the country and its economy continue to grow.

To engage China, one must understand its history and culture. Often, serious misunderstandings arise due to ignorance of the cultural sensitivities of the Chinese. In addition to history and culture, those intending to work or conduct business in China must understand the ways in which Chinese society, politics, and economy operate.

The study of China, therefore, requires a multidisciplinary approach. The Minor in China Studies offers just that. It aims at providing students with a basic understanding of Chinese culture, history, society, politics, and economy which can complement their major courses of study and prepare them for a career in or relating to China.

Programme Requirements

All modules read in fulfilment of the minor requirements should be graded. Modules taken on Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory basis cannot be counted towards the minor requirements. For students on overseas exchange, credit transfer of up to 8 MCs of relevant modules for the minor may be accepted.

The curricular requirements of the Minor in China Studies are as follows:

Pass at least 24 MCs of modules, which include the following:

  1. a minimum of 8 MCs from History and Culture group
  2. a minimum of 8 MCs from Society and Economy group
  3. a minimum of 4 MCs at Level-3000
  4. One module (4 MCs) for the remaining two module required may be a Chinese language module offered by the Centre for Language Studies (CLS)

Note 1:
A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor.

This Minor is not a specialist programme. The two groups of modules are designed to provide students with basic knowledge of China and the necessary tools to further their understanding and research. The Programme allows one CLS Chinese language module to be read in the Minor. While the Minor in China Studies is not a language programme, students are encouraged to study the Chinese language and to apply for “Study in China” under the University’s Student Exchange Programme (SEP).

Students should note the prerequisites and/or preclusions for particular modules in the Minor. New modules taught by faculty members from FASS and other faculties/schools will be added as the Minor in China Studies develops in subsequent years.

CH2121 History of Chinese Literature*
CH2244 Chinese Women: History and Literature*
CH2291 Chinese Tradition
CH2293 Introduction to Chinese Art
CL2101 The Chinese Script: History and Issues* (equivalent to CL2201)
CL2207 Chinese Language and Culture*
HY2206 China’s Imperial Past: History and Culture
PH2301 Classical Chinese Philosophy I
PH 2302 Chinese Philosophical Traditions I
CH3243 Chinese Cultural History*
HY3243 China and Southeast Asia: Past & Present
HY3248 People’s Republic of China, 1949-1989
PH3301 Classical Chinese Philosophy II
PH3302 Chinese Philosophical Traditions II
PH3303 Modern Chinese Philosophy
PH3304 Daoist Traditions
CH4882A Personalities in Modern Chinese History
CH2271 Chinese for Business and Industry*
CH2274 Discovering the Chinese Business Environment*
CH2292A Understanding Modern China through Film (equivalent to CH2292)
EC2374 Economy of Modern China (I)
HY2207 Struggle for Modern China, 1800-1949
JS2227 Japan and China: Rivals and Partners
EC3374 Economy of Modern China (II) equivalent to EC3220, EC3222)
PS2248 Chinese Politics
SC3222 Social Transformations in Modern China
CH3295 Understanding China: Past and Present
CH3297 Chinese Business Enterprises an Management (in English)
LAC1201 Chinese 1 (Note A)
LAC2201 Chinese 2 (Note B)
LAC3201 Chinese 3
LAC3203 Chinese for Science and Technology (Note C)
CK3550 China Studies Internship

* Modules are conducted in Chinese

  1. Students with no Chinese language background would take”LAC1201 Chinese 1”. Students admitted directly from a polytechnic should sit for a placement test before enrolling in a Chinese language module. Please enquire with the Centre for Language Studies for information on the placement test.
  2. Students with some knowledge of the Chinese language will be required to sit for a placement test before enrolling in ”LAC2201 Chinese 2” or “LAC3201 Chinese 3”. Please enquire with the Centre for Language Studies for information on the placement test.
  3. Students with GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Chinese or GCE ‘AO’ Level Chinese or equivalent may take “LAC3203 Chinese for Science and Technology”.
  4. Students who have taken PH2205 and PH3205 before AY2009/2010, and LXA4057 could still count these modules towards the minor requirements.

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