2.3.4    Double Degree Programme

A Double Degree consists of a combination of two separate degrees in two discipline areas from two different Faculties. Students can choose to devise their own Double Degree Programmes (DDPs) or enroll, in one of the existing specially customised DDPs.

Students who wish to devise their own DDPs must apply in writing to the Vice-Deans of both Faculties when they have completed between 60 and 80 MCs and attained a CAP of at least 3.75. Students must fulfil at least the honours requirements of their original degree.

Students who wish to enrol in the specially customised DDPs may apply for them after their first year. Students who apply must meet the requisite qualifications for the intended DDP.

To ensure that students entering DDPs have the capacity to handle the demands of such programmes, students who do not maintain a CAP of 3.75 in modules contributing to the original degree/home course and/or a CAP of 3.25 in modules contributing to the second degree for any two consecutive semesters will be required to withdraw from the DDP.

This DDP continuation rule is not applicable once students’ total cumulative modular credits exceeds 160 MCs.

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements:

  1. Students need to satisfy one set of General Education requirements only.
  2. If students read General Education modules to fulfil the major requirements, then they would need to read additional General Education modules to fulfil the General Education requirements.

Faculty Requirements As the two degrees are from two Faculties, both sets of faculty requirements must be fulfilled.

Major Requirements At least two-thirds of each major must be fulfilled by distinct (i.e., not overlapping) modules. A minimum 60% of major credits of each of the degrees must be letter graded and factored in the CAP of each degree.

Unrestricted Electives Students are not required to read Unrestricted Elective (UE) Modules under the DDP. However, if UE modules are read, these can be used to count towards the requirement of either degree programme. Modules double counted towards the major requirements of both degrees cannot be used to fulfil the requirements of a minor.

Computation of CAP

  1. The CAP for each degree programme will be computed separately, and the two CAPs, one each for the respective degree programme, will be reflected separately on the transcript.
  2. Students are required to declare every semester which modules they want to use to fulfil the requirements of each of the two degrees.
  3. The grades from General Education modules that may be double counted will be used twice to compute the CAP for each of the two degrees.
  4. If UE modules have been read, the grades obtained will be used to compute the CAP for either one of the two degrees.

Minimum MC Requirements for Double Degrees

The minimum MC requirements for double degrees are as follow:

Double Honours Degrees – 200 MCs Double Honours and Bachelor Degrees – 180 MCs

The actual total MCs will be dependent on the requirements of each of the two degrees and how much double counting is permitted as specified by the respective Faculties/Departments.

Award of Degree

Two separate degrees will be awarded and two degree scrolls issued, one for each degree.

For more details on faculty-designed Double Degree Programmes, please refer to Section R, Part II of this bulletin (the Curriculum Book on University-wide Institutes and Programmes, Other Multidisciplinary/Special Programmes).

Tuition Fee Implication

Please refer to Question 12 of the FAQ on DDP at: