NUS Identity


For strong name recognition and sustained building of brand equity for NUS, a co-branding system has been implemented. All NUS entities should refer to the NUS Corporate Logo Policy for more information before proceeding.

For entities that are permitted to co-brand with the NUS logo, only one of the methods below should be adopted.

Co-branding with Entity's Name

A co-branded logo is generally comprised of the NUS logo and a specific entity name. Co-branded logos have been created for all eligible entities. NUS entities are not permitted to create their own co-branded logos. A new entity that is eligible for a co-branded logo should request for one from the Office of University Communications.

Co-branding with Sub-logo

A sub-logo is an NUS entity's separate logo. Creation of sub-logos is not encouraged and requires approval from the NUS President. However, if an NUS entity qualifies for creation of a sub-logo and approval is granted, the sub-logo that is created must be co-branded with the NUS logo or carry the NUS name as a strap line as shown below.

Before creating a new sub-logo, consult the Office of University Communications to confirm eligibility and the design parameters to be adhered to.

All new sub-logos must be approved by the NUS President. The registration form for submission of these sub-logos for approval is available.

All entities, unless otherwise specified in the Corporate Logo Policy, are to use the NUS logo in all stationery and press releases. Co-branded logos are to be used in publicity materials and websites only. When co-branded logos are applied, observe the guidelines for clear space and minimum size below.

Clear Space

The 20% clear space guidelines given below should be used to ensure that the co-branded logo always has sufficient space around it. The intention is to avoid overcrowding and to optimise the logo's impact and prominence.

Minimum Size

To ensure maximum clarity and distinction, follow the minimum size guidelines below:

  • If co-branding with the NUS logo, the NUS logo should not be represented in a size smaller than 20 mm in width;
  • If co-branding with the NUS strap line, the length of the text "National University of Singapore" should not be shorter than 25 mm.


For further clarification on the eligibility, creation and application of co-branded or sub-logos, please contact the Office of University Communications.