Suspension & Recall For SEP In
AY2019/20 Semester 2

27 March 2020 - Updated FAQs and information about Stay-Home Notice
15 March 2020 - Updated information following suspension of all overseas placements
4 March 2020 - Webpage first published

In response to the rapidly evolving global situation with COVID-19, the Singapore Ministry of Education together with the Institutes of Higher Learning (including NUS) have suspended all official overseas placements, including all internships and exchange programmes, until end-July 2020. This suspension affects all students currently on the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) regardless of the host country.

To all students affected:

We understand that you are concerned and would like to reassure you that NUS will support you in addressing this challenge. Our first priority is your health and safety. Consequently, we would like to ensure that all NUS students currently overseas are back in Singapore (or their home countries), to minimise risk of contracting COVID-19 during SEP. Staff in the Faculties, Schools and Administrative Offices are committed to do their best to assist you in making adjustments as a result of the suspension of SEP.

Addressing Your Primary Concerns

Many have expressed concerns about uncertainties regarding the following aspects, and how NUS can assist them:

Next Steps to Take Immediately

The NUS Students' Union (NUSSU) has prepared a quick guide on Instagram to help affected students with their immediate next steps. Additional details not covered in the guide (e.g. contact list of Faculty SEP coordinators, additional FAQs, etc.) can be found throughout this webpage.

Academic Aspects

NUS, through your Faculty SEP coordinators (see list of contacts further down this page), will do its best to help you find alternatives to fulfil academic requirements/credits which you are unable to obtain from your SEP destination university because of the suspension.

1. e-Learning Initiatives Provided by Your SEP Host University
If your SEP host university has provisioned for e-learning initiatives to help you complete your courses remotely, NUS is happy to accept such alternatives when considering module mapping and MCs for this semester. Please ensure that you complete your academic work (including examinations) per the host university's requirements. If your host university has yet to announce such initiatves, do contact your course lecturers to enquire about such a possibility.

2. Apply for Leave of Absence (LOA) for Semester 2, AY2019/20
LOA due to the suspension of SEP must be approved by your home Faculty. Semester fees can be waived if LOA is approved. Students can choose to pursue non-credit-bearing internships during this semester.

3. Explore Independent Study Modules (ISM) or other forms of study in consultation with Faculties and Schools
  • Discuss your study plan with your home Faculty’s SEP Coordinator or Faculty Curriculum Manager if an ISM or other mode of study is possible.
  • Look at the possibility of NUS summer programmes held in Singapore.
  • Enrol in electronic summer programmes (E-iSPs) offered by NUS' overseas partner universities. For a list of options curated by GRO, click here.
  • For information about tuition fee waiver / rebate for students affected by this SEP suspension, please review this document.

4. Consider reading NUS modules during the Special Terms
  • There will a special round of Special Term (Part 1) ModReg exercise for students whose SEP was disrupted/cancelled in Semester 2. Your Faculty/School will provide more details to you if they are offering modules for selection in this special round. This special round will be conducted from 27 Apr – 5 May 2020. Please click here for the schedule.
  • You can get the schedule for Special Term (Part 2) ModReg exercise here.

5. Consider internship opportunities in AY2019/20 Semester 2
  • You could send your updated CV and work preferences to the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (Mr Alvin Low), who can assist in identifying relevant internships.
  • Concurrently, you could also access the NUS TalentConnect portal to search for new opportunities, as internship openings during semester time are usually posted by employers under the “part-time/contract” category, which complement the respective Faculty internship programmes and CFG’s Vacation Internship Programme.
  • Once you identify a suitable opportunity, please consult your Faculty to confirm if modular credits can be awarded based on the work scope and duration.

6. Exercise S/U option using the Additional 10 S/U MCs available for AY2019/2020 Semester 2
Undergraduate students enrolled in modular programmes are given the option to exercise S/U of up to 10 MCs for any module(s) taken in this semester, except for final year projects, Honours Theses and equivalent modules. Please refer to S/U Homepage in Student Portal for more information on this.

Financial Assistance

NUS President has established an NUS Resilience fund to be used in response to COVID-19. NUS will cover valid irrecoverable expenses incurred because of suspension of the SEP. Affected students will receive an email in due course about the process to submit requests for claims.

1. Please first seek refunds from service providers (airlines, hostels, etc), and from insurance coverage. Keep all relevant documents and correspondence (e.g. emails) pertaining to rejection of requests for refunds, as these will be required as supporting documents for claims made on the NUS Resilience Fund.

2. For valid irrecoverable expenses:
  • Business School students should submit relevant documents to your Faculty SEP Coordinator, who will advise you and process reimbursement by NUS for appropriate claims.
  • Students of all other Faculties should submit your documents to GRO for processing.

Upon Your Return to Singapore

Students returning to Singapore after 20 March 2020 @ 11.59pm (GMT+8) will be issued with a Quarantine Order (QO; for arrivals from Hubei province, China) or a Stay-Home Notice (SHN; for arrivals from everywhere else). Returnees arriving before this date/time will receive the relevant QO, Leave of Absence or Social Distancing order indicated in the infographic below. You are also required to declare your particulars at this website (login required via your NUS account) within 24 hours of your arrival in Singapore.

(Infographic) NUS Advisory on COVID-19

Please monitor your health and see a doctor if you experience flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and runny nose.

For additional details, do review the information listed on the Singapore Ministry of Health website on COVID-19 and the NUS Circulars listed on the NUS website for emergency information.

Your Faculty SEP Coordinators

Your Faculty and Department SEP Coordinators are there to help. Please contact them with regard to resolving specific academic issues (alternative modules/programmes/etc).

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

School of Business

Faculty of Engineering

For general enquiries:
NUS Engineering Exchange (SEP) Mailbox

For enquiries on study plans, please contact your Department coordinator:
Chen Li Hua, Melinda Loo (Biomedical Engineering)
Jasmin Lee (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Yap-Chong Wei Leng, Christina Lim, Sarimah (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Marsita Sairan (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Revathi Naidu D/O N Alagendran (Engineering Science Programme)
Dr Bok Shung Hwee, Steven Chiang (Industrial Systems Engineering & Mgmt)
Karen Ho (Materials Science & Engineering)
Lim Jue Yu, Sherlin (Mechanical Engineering)

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Science

School of Design and Environment

Ms Lee Si Min (Dean's Office)
Ms Ng Chin Ting Violet (Dean’s Office)
Ms Lyn Chua (Dept of Architecture)
Ms Avery Ong (Dept of Building)
Ms Susie Yeo (Dept of Industrial Design)
Ms Swamy Srividya Narayana (Dept of Real Estate)
Ms Zainab Binte Abdul Ghani (Dept of Real Estate)

School of Computing

University Scholars Programme

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose to proceed with SEP in AY2019/20 Sem 2 if I indemnify NUS?

No; your safety is of utmost importance to NUS. Students should return to Singapore (or their home country) as soon as possible and discuss their study plan with their Faculty/School.

Can I be given opportunities to other SEP destinations for this semester?

No, as SEP is suspended globally until end-July 2020. NUS is exploring the possibility of local SEP for affected students; please discuss with your Faculty SEP Coordinators if you have such intentions. Just like SEP with overseas university partners, students will pay NUS tuition fees for local SEP. Students will also have to work out your study plan for approval by your home Faculty.

May I defer SEP to Semester 1, AY2020/21?

GRO is working with University-level SEP partners to explore additional places for Semester 1, AY2020/21 (Fall Semester). More details will be provided at a later date. Please note that choices of modules vary from one semester to another, and your study plan must be approved by your home Faculty.

Do affected students get priority for upcoming summer programmes?

The global suspension affects overseas summer programmes until end-July 2020, by which time most programmes (if not already cancelled by the host university) would have been completed.

Can I make claims from my NUS Student Travel Insurance for trip cancellations?

No, unfortunately in this particular case, the current situation does not fall within the ‘Specified Causes’ of the policy for Trip Cancellation; hence, expenses incurred are not reimbursable.

What are eligible irrecoverable expenses covered by the NUS Resilience Fund? How do I submit my eligible claims?

The NUS Resilience Fund will help to cover irrecoverable expenses related to evacuation from the SEP host country. The relevant GRO country manager will contact all students with regard to the eligible expenses as well as the claims process in due course.

I’m on SEP overseas and am returning to Singapore. But I have no local home to serve the 14-day SHN and no housing after the 14 days. Can NUS help?

Contact the relevant GRO country manager to initiate the process to secure housing for the 14-day SHN. Where available, campus housing can be offered thereafter until 10 May 2020 (end of Semester 2). In the meantime, do source for alternative housing after the 14-day SHN. You can refer to this link for reference.

I’m on SEP overseas and am likely to be issued a SHN upon my return, but I have a family member who has compromised immunity at home. Who can I contact to present my case to serve the SHN on campus?

Contact the relevant GRO country manager with your request, stating the medical condition of the family member staying with you, the supporting medical documents, country you are returning from, flight number and the date and time of estimated arrival.

Can I serve the SHN in my friend’s/relative’s home?

Yes, you can serve the SHN in your friend’s/relative’s home. If you had declared a different address to ICA earlier, you must seek approval from ICA (refer to the phone number attached to your SHN notice) to change the location of SHN. If ICA approves the change, do inform your faculty of the new address where you would be serving the SHN.

I am affected by this suspension/recall but am on another official NUS programme that is not SEP. Who can I seek help from for financial assistance and my request for on-campus housing to serve my SHN?

Returning NOC students should contact the relevant programme manager at NOC about financial assistance and request for housing.

Students on all other programmes should contact the office administering your programme about possible financial assistance (e.g. your Faculty or Department); requests for housing can be sent to with details about the medical condition of the family member staying with you, the supporting medical documents, country you are returning from, flight number and the date and time of estimated arrival.

Are there any concessions for returning students to enrol back into NUS modules for this ongoing semester?

Your Faculty SEP Coordinators are here to help with regard to this; please discuss this with them.

If my graduation is delayed because I need to spend another semester/term back at NUS to obtain the required academic credits, will NUS waive tuition fees for that semester/term?

This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration how you have tried to make up for the lost credits and the concessions already granted by the university. Additional information about tuition fee waiver / rebate for affected students is available via this document.

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