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Global Opportunities @ NUS

NUS students don't just complete their degree in Singapore. They travel the world, study at overseas partner universities, and immerse in different cultures, broadening their worldview and gaining invaluable experience. Check out the global opportunities that are available at NUS!

Student Testimonials

AY1920_SEP_Netherlands_MaastrichtUniversity_BIZ_Sarah Koh En Hui_St Jan Church near Maastricht University

My exchange experience in Maastricht University was phenomenal especially because I lived with many other international students rather than Singaporean students. Through my interactions with them, I learnt a lot about their culture and their experiences staying in Maastricht, which helped me better navigate through my time in Maastricht.  I also got to travel with some of my international friends to other cities and countries, including Amsterdam, Brussels and Antwerp. Despite my short time in Europe, the experiences I had meeting new people and seeing new sights was so precious that I would not have traded it for anything else. 

Sarah Koh
School of Business
SEP to Maastricht University, Netherlands

23 Jul 20 (Dancing 2)

The NUS-MU programme was an engaging and immersive experience that allowed me to better understand Thai culture, as well as to build friendships with students in MU. Despite the challenges of conducting the programme online, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience because of the variety of lesson styles and topics presented.Through this programme, I have deepened not just my understanding and appreciation of Thai culture, but also that of my own identity and belonging to Singapore

Phoebe Ong
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
NUS - Mahidol University Virtual Summer Programme

AY1920_SEP_Canada_UniversityOfWaterloo_SDE_Janis Lee Ruo En_Pre trip to Banff with friends

My exchange experience was definitely a very rewarding one. Not having many travel opportunities previously, I was thankful that SEP brought me to many places I would otherwise not have been. I got the chance to see wonderful sceneries, taste a plethora of delicacies and experience a whole new culture. I fully enjoyed my time at the University of Waterloo, I loved the vibrance of the campus with many programmes initiated by students and the fact that professors were approachable and prioritised students' welfare.

Janis Lee
School of Design and Environment
SEP @ University of Waterloo, Canada

Company visit to Alibaba

Through lectures conducted by professors from Zhejiang University and guest speakers from the industry, I learnt about the fascinating business landscape in China. As a FASS student with no background in business, I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons on business models and case studies of Chinese start-ups. To complement our classroom learning, we also participated in many company visits to Alibaba, Skio and Dream Town, where we were privileged to experience the start-up culture firsthand. 

Nicole Tong
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Zhejiang University: 2019 "Idea Explorer" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Summer Camp, China

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