Course Mapping for i-SPs (Summer 2021)

April 2021 - NUS has made special arrangements for students who wish to map courses from electronic / online summer programmes in 2021 (May to August 2021 / Special Term Parts 1 & 2).

A list of FAQs is listed below; do refer to the circular on "Joint Statement Between NUS and NUSSU on Academic Support for Semester 1 of AY20/21" when reviewing the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the policy on course mapping from summer programmes?

Details about the policy is available at this webpage (maintained by the Registrar's Office):

In general, the policy states the following, and will apply in conjunction with the special arrangements for summer 2021:

1. Students may map up to a maximum of 10 units for each summer programme and up to a maximum of 5 units for each winter programme. Course mapping will be subject to approval from the respective Faculties/Schools.

2. In addition to summer / winter programme fees paid to the host university, students will incur Special Term tuition fees if they want to transfer units back to NUS from these programmes. NUS will grant students a fee waiver for up to 2 summer / winter programmes and up to a total of 12 units transferred during their course of study in NUS.

What are the special arrangements made for course mapping from electronic summer programmes in 2021?

In general, NUS does not permit course mapping for electronic summer programmes. In view of the global situation and its impact to students' study abroad plans, the following special arrangements will apply to mapping requests for participation in electronic summer programmes in 2021:

1. Only programmes offered by NUS partner universities will be recognised. This includes university-wide partners as well as Faculty-level partners.

2. A maximum of 8 units can be transferred from electronic summer programmes during a student's course of study at NUS, and will count towards the Special Term tuition fee waiver of 12 units.

3. If a student has transferred 4 units from an electronic summer programme in 2020, only a maximum of 4 units can be transferred from an electronic summer programme in 2021.

4. Course mapping will be subject to the approval of the respective Faculties/Schools.

Why is there a restriction on the number of units (maximum of 8 units) that may be transferred for electronic summer programmes 2021?

In view that COVID-19 is so protracted and many students have lost the opportunity to participate in overseas programmes, a compromise was struck to allow up to 8 units for transfer for electronic summer programmes 2021* only in case travel is still somewhat restricted by then. Although electronic programmes cannot replace physical participation in programmes overseas, particularly in terms of the cultural experience and international relationships forged, we hope that students can still gain from the online academic courses offered by partner universities. To ensure the rigour and quality of these online courses, only those programmes offered by NUS’ partner universities and endorsed by NUS will be considered for unit transfer.

* In the event that students have already transferred units from electronic summer programmes in 2020, the number of units transferred will be subtracted from the maximum quota of 8 units allowed for electronic summer programmes in 2021.

Would unit transfer be allowed for electronic winter programmes in 2020 (December 2020 to January 2021)?

No; the special arrangements will only apply to summer 2021.