Who We Are

Staff Directory For Key Finance Officers

Name Designation Telephone E-mail
VP's Office
Mr Tan Kian Woo Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer
6516 2406 tankianwoo@nus.edu.sg
Ms Ramy Arzilah Executive Assistant 6516 1981 ofnsec@nus.edu.sg
Operating Budget, Financial Planning & Analysis
Ms Er Geok Tin Deputy Director 6516 6248 orpergt@nus.edu.sg
Costing and Central Reserves
Mrs Jennifer Phang Deputy Director 6516 2404 orpjp@nus.edu.sg
Capital Budget
Ms Shawnna Heng Deputy Director 6516 1698 orphshs@nus.edu.sg
Ms Quek Peck Lan Deputy Director 6516 8147 plquek@nus.edu.sg
Shared Services, Student Finance, Admin & Enterprise, Student Organisation & Halls
Mr Jude Ang Deputy Director 6516 7553 ofnangj@nus.edu.sg
Treasury & Insurance
Mrs Ong-See Eng Pyng Deputy Director 6516 6716 ofnseeep@nus.edu.sg
Accounts Payable
Ms Low Foong Yuen Associate Director 6516 5994 lowfy@nus.edu.sg