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The Lost Foxfire


'The Lost Foxfire' (迷い狐火)is a multi-sensory Virtual Reality (VR) game that uses the sense of heat and smell to find and stop a Foxfire from accidentally burning down your house.


This game is a research translation from the original Season Traveller project which lets players experience a balloon ride over landscapes of differing seasons.

Key Problem(s)

Traditional games usually utilize sight and sound cues to form a player’s gaming experience. Games that engage additional senses are few, and can be explored to offer improved immersion.


The project’s aim was to create a game that goes beyond sight and sound stimuli for a different gaming experience.


The Lost Foxfire is a VR game where players navigate a world where a small Foxfire poses the risk of accidentally burning down the player’s house. Heat and smell modules are mounted onto a vest and HTC VIVE headset to create directional heat sensory cues and a more immersive gameplay for the players.

Deployment and Usage

The Lost Foxfire was showcased at the following locations:

  • Tokyo Game Show 2019

Project Contact

Teo Chor Guan
idmtcg at nus.edu.sg

Team Members

Dominic Chai

Yeo Jing Ying

Sim Yong Jie

Roland Kie

Pravar Jain

Yan Liangkun

Allan Lee

Chuah Chong Yunn

Lin Yibin

Nicole Lim

Daniel Low

Marcus Lin

Leong Wei Kiat