Type of precautionary measures

There are 4 types of precautionary measures that may be issued to you depending on the country which you are returning from.

Quarantine Order (QO)

A QO is a legal order issued to individuals under the Infectious Diseases Act and thus have legal force with severe penalties for non-compliance.

A QO is issued to quarantine or isolate an individual who is, or is suspected to be, a carrier of an infectious disease, or a contact of a person confirmed to have an infectious disease. This is with the aim of limiting the spread of the virus in the community. Quarantine usually occurs in the home but can also be served in dedicated Government Quarantine Facilities (GQFs) or hospitals, should the individual not have suitable accommodation in Singapore.

Stay-Home Notice (SHN)

During the period of the SHN, you are required to remain in your place of residence at all times for a 14-day period. Unlike the Leave of Absence (LOA), which allows returnees to leave briefly to buy meals and necessities, a person under SHN is not to leave his/her place of residence at any time. Support will be provided where needed.

You should also:

  1. Take your temperature twice daily (morning and afternoon) and declare them here. Photographs of the temperature readings should be taken and retained for seven days, in case of need for verification.
  2. Monitor your health closely and seek medical attention immediately if you are unwell.
  3. Minimise contact and avoid sharing personal items with others who are living with you.
  4. Avoid having visitors at your residence.
  5. Keep a record of persons you come into contact with.

14-day Leave of Absence (LOA)

Persons on LOA should remain in their residences as much as possible, minimise visitors and maintain good records of persons with whom they come into close contact. Persons on LOA may leave their residences for daily necessities or to attend important matters, but they must minimise time spent in public spaces and contact with others.

Your Faculty/School will be informed of your absence, and your professors will support you and minimise disruption to your studies.

Day 0 is the day of return to Singapore and you may attend classes on Day 15 if you did not develop any symptoms during the 14 days.

7-day Social Distancing

Persons on 7-day Social Distancing are required to do e-learning for 7 days, from the day of your return.

If you are staying at home, please do not come to campus. If you are staying on campus, please stay in your hostel room and avoid socialising with others (you may choose to go home during this period). Do e-learning for all your modules for 7 days, from the date of your return. If you require assistance regarding modules or academic matters, please inform your course instructors.

Current precautionary measures

Note: The latest travel-related precautionary measures issued by the Singapore Ministry of Health (dated 18 March 2020) can be found at https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/additional-measures-for-travellers-to-reduce-further-importation-of-covid-19-cases
All staff and students returning from overseas travel are to strictly observe the precautionary measures below:

Quarantine Order (Authorities) Stay-Home Notice (Authorities & NUS)
Mainland China (Hubei Province)
Mainland China (outside of Hubei Province)
All other countries/ regions