This page is set up by the NUS community - including NUS students who have returned from overseas - to provide Singapore students overseas with hacks and information on the means to come home, wherever you are. Given the evolving global Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation, we also provide updates on the latest precautionary measures in place in Singapore, so that you are prepared when you arrive.

Important Things to Take Note

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Immediate Action Items

  1. If you have not already done so, register immediately with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Register here). This will keep you updated of any latest developments and how the Singapore mission in your host country can support you.
  2. Start checking out for flights back to Singapore within the next few days. It is likely that prices will be inflated; please make arrangements. If you are making a transit, check if there are any restrictions in place for transit passengers (e.g. passengers from certain countries not allowed to transit) and ensure you are not affected.
  3. Start packing up all non-essentials so that you can leave without worries.
  4. Make plans to cancel any cost-incurring items that you might have in the host country (e.g. SIM Card, credit/debit cards, bank account).
  5. Check with your accommodation provider/flight companies/anywhere else you might have spent money on for possibility of refunds. If refunds are not possible, try and obtain a written declaration from them. This may be helpful in your future claims (be it from insurance or other sources).
  6. Show courtesy to your hosts: personally write to your modules’ lecturers to inform them of your impending departure and thank them for their time. Also reach out to any friends whom you have made during your time there and bid them farewell. In some cases, your host university might be able to cater to you completing your credits from Singapore. Please check.
  7. In the meantime, avoid going to crowded places unnecessarily, and practice good personal hygiene.

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