Sock Peng

Tay Sock Peng

Academic Qualifications

Joint-Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and & Loughborough University, UK

B.Eng. (Honours) in Chemical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Research areas

Technology and policy; nature-based climate solutions; climate adaptation; sustainable solutions

Research interests

Sock Peng's interest in interdisciplinary climate change research stems from experience of having worked in policy, technology evaluation and implementation roles where good technologies do not always pan out to be technologies that work or are adopted. In her budding sustainability journey, she will work with fellow researchers and other stakeholders to translate academic findings into actionable solutions for mitigating, or adapting to, climate change.


Sock Peng is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions (CNCS) at NUS. She worked for the National Research Foundation of Singapore prior to joining CNCS, where she developed and managed research programmes under the Urban Solutions and Sustainability domain. Sock Peng took on a secondment to the Ministry of Health in 2021 to assist with the planning, coordination and execution of COVID-19 technology evaluations which informed national policies and expedited the introduction and adoption of new testing products, working alongside an awesome 'SWAT' team during days of the pandemic.

Selected publications

  1. Tan, A. M. P., Foo, C. C. Y., Liang, R., Tay, S. P., Lee, Y. Z., Lui, K. J. F., Tan, T. J. K. & Liu, J. An evaluation of the pooled lolli-method RT-qPCR testing for COVID-19 surveillance in Singapore. Asian J. Adv. Med. Sci., 2022, 4(4): 33-41.
  2. S.P. Tay, P. Fleming, S. Forrester, and X. Hu, Skin friction related behaviour of artificial turf systems. J. Sports Sci., 2016, 25, 1–8.
  3. S.P. Tay, P. Fleming, S. Forrester, and X. Hu, Addressing skin abrasions on artificial turfs with zwitterionic polymer brushes. RSC Adv. 2016, 6, 32446–32453.
  4. S.P. Tay, X. Hu, P. Fleming, and S. Forrester, Tribological investigation into achieving skin-friendly artificial turf surfaces. Mater. Des. 2016, 89, 177–182.