COPfused? What You Need to Know About the Upcoming UN Climate Conference

This webinar aims to provide audiences with a deeper understanding of COP26 to enable a greater appreciation of its importance. Featuring a panel of international climate policy experts, this webinar provides an overview of COP26, including the goals of the conference, the issues being negotiated, the dynamics at play and what we can expect. It also discusses the relevance of COP26 to Singapore and ASEAN and how COP26 can be a catalyst for climate action.

An Introduction to GEDI Ecosystem LIDAR

In this talk, A/Prof. Hao Tang introduces us to the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) programme, which is a jointly-led initiative by NASA and the University of Maryland that provides the first high-resolution spaceborne lidar-based dataset for the 3D structure of the Earth's surface, and discusses some of its potential applications for nature-based climate solutions research.

Navigating the Carbon Services Industry

Singapore’s efforts to establish itself as a carbon services and trading hub has drawn keen interest across industries. Creating such an ecosystem for carbon-related services in Singapore can greatly support and strengthen Singapore and the region’s transition towards sustainability. This webinar, jointly organised by NUS's Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions, Energy Studies Institute, and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, discusses carbon services, the industry, and its role in addressing climate change in Singapore.

In the Wake of a Changing Climate: Securing our Food for Tomorrow

In the final webinar of our series with The HEAD Foundation, panellists discussed climate change and COVID-19’s effects on the Asia-Pacific region’s food security, with disasters, flooding, and lockdowns putting supply chains and food supplies at risk.