Debby Ng

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. (Hons I) Zoology, University of Tasmania

B.Sc. Zoology & Geography with minor in Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania

Dip. Mass Communications, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Research areas

Disease ecology, infectious diseases, human-wildlife conflict, conservation biology, illegal wildlife trade, epidemic dampening.

Research interests

Humans, our animals, and plants, live with pathogens. Yet disease is not necessarily an outcome. Debby’s research focuses on understanding how humans change the ecology of infectious diseases, and how ecological solutions can be leveraged to protect human and animal health.

Her conservation work in Nepal’s Annapurna Conservation Area examines how land-use change, tourism, pastoralism, and human-wildlife interactions influence the disease ecology of this threatened and fragile ecosystem. She engages policy makers, non-profits, local communities, and veterinarians to implement low-cost, and community-led solutions to manage diseases.


Debby Ng is a wildlife disease ecologist, environmental journalist and wildlife crime investigator. She is the Co-founder of the Himalayan Mutt Project (HMP), a community-led effort to monitor and manage infectious diseases in wild and domestic animals in Nepal. Debby has also led projects across Tanzania, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia with the Environmental Investigation Agency, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, World Animal Protection, and TRAFFIC Southeast Asia. She is also the Founder of the Hantu Blog, a volunteer organization that engages policy makers and enhances ocean-literacy through storytelling, citizen science and ecotourism to protect coral reefs in Singapore. Debby is a Duke University Global Fellow in Conservation Biology and Policy, and a National Geographic Explorer.

Selected publications

  1. 2019 Ng D, S Carver, M Gotame, D Karmasharya, D Karmacharya, SM Pradhan, AN Rana & CN Johnson. Husbandry and community attitudes toward domestic dogs in Nepal's Annapurna Conservation Area - Implications dog husbandry and human behaviour for wildlife disease. PLOS ONE 14(12): e0220874.
  2. Life of my Sisters: Female Education in Nepal. Tuber Productions, Singapore. [ISBN 9810844905]. Debby Ng, Edwin Koo.

Feature and publications in popular media

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 Conference and presentations

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