An Introduction to GEDI Ecosystem LIDAR

Date: 23 September 2021, Thursday
Time: 4pm - 5pm
Speaker: A/ Prof. Hao Tang


The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) programme is an exciting initiative led jointly by NASA and the University of Maryland. Launched in 2018, the programme provides the first high-resolution spaceborne lidar-based dataset for the 3D structure of the Earth's surface. In this talk, A/Prof. Hao Tang introduces us to this novel technology for Earth observation and discusses some of its potential applications for nature-based climate solutions research.

About the speaker

Hao Tang

NASA Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation Science Team, Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore

A/ Prof. Hao Tang has deep expertise in remote sensing of the environment. Formerly based at the University of Maryland, Prof. Hao has led multiple NASA research grants. He is a NASA Earth and Space Science fellow (NESSF) and is on the science team of NASA's Carbon Monitoring System (CMS). Now based at the Department of Geography at NUS, he hopes to bridge key knowledge gaps between global sustainable development goals and current climate change and conservation projects through his innovative research.

Seminar Recording

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