Director's Message

Koh Lian Pin 2

Professor Koh Lian Pin

Climate Change is the most serious challenge confronting humanity today.

There has been growing international scientific consensus that Nature itself may be harnessed to help stabilise the global climate.

Nature-based climate solutions include the conservation, restoration and improved management of natural ecosystems such as forests and wetlands, as well as agricultural lands to increase carbon sequestration, reduce emissions and enhance climate resilience.

The research and development of these solutions is a complex problem that demands an interdisciplinary, systems approach as it involves the simultaneous consideration of society’s different and often competing priorities.

A carefully considered, strategic and coordinated set of efforts is needed for the delivery of research findings to inform policies on climate mitigation and adaptation in socially, culturally and politically responsible ways for Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions at the National University of Singapore was established in 2020 to bring together a multidisciplinary team of world-class researchers with diverse and complementary expertise. Together with its substantial research infrastructure, conducive research environment and large network of international collaborators, the Centre is well positioned to achieve the goal of delivering climate solutions.

Diverse stakeholder participation and partnerships are paramount to the successful implementation and scaling of climate solutions, including collaborations with the government and corporate sectors, as well as civil society. In particular, philanthropies play a critical role as the catalysts for sparking high-risk, high-reward, innovative and disruptive new ideas and solutions.

I warmly invite you to learn more about our Centre, and to explore opportunities for you to be involved in our efforts to achieve these important and impactful outcomes together.