Soft Skills

Soft skills are sometimes called transferrable or professional skills. There are a wide variety of soft skills, and they can loosely be categorised as personal effectiveness or interpersonal effectiveness skills. Examples of soft skills include time management, work ethic, critical thinking, resilience, communication, and team work.

Increasingly, soft skills have been identified as critical to success in the workplace.

In 2019, SkillsFuture Singapore outlined the Critical Core Skills (CCS) framework which comprises a total of sixteen competencies grouped into three clusters of skills that workplaces deem most essential. They are:

  • Thinking Critically
  • Interacting with Others
  • Staying Relevant

As part of CFG’s mission to support students in holistic career preparation, CFG is committed to soft skills training, with a variety of soft skills incorporated into different programmes we run.

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Roots & Wings 2.0

Learn soft skills critical to success across life domains.
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Financial Wellbeing

Master your finances and invest in your future.
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Industry Insights

Explore how to apply soft skills across industries in a global context.
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Career Booster

Discover how to apply soft skills in the workplace.
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Career Advancement

Acquire advanced career skills at your own pace with this e-course.
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Additional Resources

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