Career Advancement

Acquire advanced career skills at your own pace.

Career Advancement e-module

The Career Advancement E-Module (CFG3001) comprises six lessons delivered in an e-learning format and designed to give you the convenience of acquiring the advanced career preparation skills that you need in your own time, own place, and at your own pace. You will be able to control the pace at which you engage with the digital contents and complete the required assignments.

This module aims to help you make a confident, self-assured first step on this journey, empowered with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed. Whether you have your first career all mapped out or are still looking for directions, the resources and exercises can help you gain clarity and confidence to put your best foot forward and open doors to countless opportunities.

Any Device

Complete in your own time on any device

Build your Brand

Define and build your brand using exercises and resources

advanced career preparation skills

Acquire skills to succeed in your first job

Interview Simulation Workshop

Practise and role-play interviews via Interview Simulation Workshop

Programme Details & Registration

Modular Credits: 2MC

Assessment and Grading Basis: CS/CU

Pre-requisites: Year 3 and Year 4 undergraduate students

Schedule: This module will be offered in Semester 1 AY2022/2023. Please enrol at ModReg during module registration period next Academic Year. 

For any questions on this module, please e-mail

Module Structure

Define your Brand

Lesson 1: Define Your Brand

You will go through a step-by-step process to define your unique value proposition, leveraging the cumulative experiences acquired during University. Through several self-reflection exercises, you will develop clarity on your strengths, skills and interests, ready to craft your personal brand.

Communicate your Brand via your Resume & Online Profile

Lesson 2: Communicate Your Brand via Your Resume and Online Profile

You will create your personal positioning statement and apply your personal branding via your resume & online profile to communicate your value to employers and brand yourself for your target career.

Networking Strategies to Connect for Career Success

Lesson 3: Networking: Strategies to Connect for Career Success

You will gain the knowledge and skills to network (virtually and face-to-face) for career exploration and advancement, in the context of landing your first job and advancing in your early careers. It also includes a practical component where you will practise connecting with alumni.

Essential Interview Skills for Graduates

Lesson 4: Essential Interview Skills for Graduates

You will learn how to prepare and practise for the high-level graduate interview process. You will acquire strategies and techniques to confidently communicate in any interview by focusing on your strengths, and to answer questions with clarity and conciseness. You will also be able to get more help by attending Interview Simulation Workshop.

Supercharge your First 90 Days at Work

Lesson 5: Supercharge Your First 90 Days at Work

You will learn how to hit the ground running in your first graduate job and give your career the head start it needs. Find out how to make a great impression, build critical relationships and lay the foundations for long-term success.

Etiquette for the Office and Remote Working

Lesson 6: Etiquette for the Office and Remote Working

You will be empowered with the know-how to make positive first impressions, convey a professional image in all professional interactions and acquire essential business etiquette.


CFG3001 is an e-module comprising six lessons and delivered in an e-learning format. That means, you enjoy the convenience of acquiring the advanced career preparation skills you need in your own time, own place, and at your own pace. To complement your learning, there will be tailored workshops and webinars to give you the further support you would need in getting ready for the future of work.

To secure a CS for this module, you will need to complete the following:

  • Six e-learning lessons and required readings
  • All assignments
  • MCQ Quiz

There is no examination for this module.

Assessment Instructions for Students

Grading Components

Assessment Components Assessment Weightage
Submission of VIPS and personal profile 20%
Evidence of networking invitations and completion of reflection on an informational interview 20%
Submission of VMOCK Interview Report 20%
MCQ Quiz 40%

Passing Criteria for CFG3001

CFG3001 is graded on a CS/CU basis. Submission and completion of all the following assessment components is compulsory to secure a CS grade in this module.

  1. Submission of VIPS and Personal Branding (20%)
    1. Submit a completed V.I.P.S Template
    2. Complete personal profile on ConNectUS and post a Live Feed to introduce yourself
  2. Evidence of networking invitations and completion of reflection on an informational interview (20%)
    1. Submit the invitation to an individual whom you have chosen to conduct an informational interview
    2. Submit a half-page online reflection journal after the informational interview
  3. Submission of VMock Interviews Report (20%)
    1. Practise your elevator pitch on VMock Interview and submit two screenshots of the report
  4. MCQ Quiz (40%)
    1. Pass a MCQ quiz comprising questions which test your ability to apply the new information
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