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SGUnited Traineeship and Mid-Career Pathways Attachment Programme

FAQs for Trainees

General Information

  1. What is the purpose of the Traineeships and Mid-Career Pathways Attachment Programme?

    The Traineeships and Mid-Career Pathways Attachment Programme is part of the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package launched in partnership with Workforce Singapore (WSG) to:

    1. support fresh graduates who have recently graduated or will soon be graduating with traineeship opportunities to develop their skills professionally and allow them to gain a firmer foothold in the job market when the economy recovers; or
    2. provide unemployed mid-career individuals with attachments opportunities to widen their professional networks and gain meaningful industry-relevant experience to boost employability while preparing for more permanent jobs in the future when business conditions improve.

    Aside from exciting work opportunities, trainees will have a personalised development plan, created in consultation with an experienced mentor.

  2. Am I eligible for the traineeship?

    These traineeship and mid-career pathways attachment positions are launched in partnership with the SGUnited Traineeships Programme and SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme.

    To be eligible, applicants must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents and must fulfil the following criteria:

    1. Traineeships Programme
      1. Have not started any SGUnited Traineeship attachment with NUS previously. Trainees who have completed SGUnited Traineeship attachment with other organisations may be considered; and
      2. Able to commit to the programme on a full-time basis when they start the programme; and
      3. Graduated or graduating in calendar year 2019 to 2021 (both years inclusive); or
      4. Graduated earlier and completed National Service between 2019 to 2021 (both years inclusive);
    2. Mid-Career Pathways Attachment Programme
      1. Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident; and
      2. Not eligible for SGUnited Traineeships Programme; and
      3. Have not been employed by NUS. Applicants who have previously worked with NUS on a different role may be considered; and
      4. Able to commit to the programme on a full-time basis when they start the programme; and
  3. What positions are available?

    NUS is offering 300 positions under the following career tracks:

    1. Executive & Administrative Trainees,
    2. Teaching Apprentices, and
    3. Research Apprentices

    Please refer to Traineeships at NUS for a description of the positions. All positions are open to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree graduates (for traineeship) and alumni (for mid-career pathways attachment).

  4. 4. What is the training allowance and the duration of the traineeship/attachment?

    The training allowance will depends on the category. The training duration is for six months and cannot be extended.

    SGUnited Programme Training / Attachment Allowance Duration
    Traineeships $2,500 6 months
    Mid-Career Pathways Attachment
    • Standard
    • Enhanced

    • $3,000
    • $3,800
    6 months
  5. What benefits are trainees eligible for?

    Trainees are eligible for:

    • 14 days of vacation leave per year, pro-rated based on the actual period served,
    • Medical leave, and
    • Work injury insurance.
  6. Will I be getting CPF contributions during the traineeship/attachment duration?

    CPF is not payable on the training allowance.

  7. Can I leave the programme early?

    Yes. Trainees can leave the traineeships / attachments if there are good reasons to do so (e.g. offered a full-time role elsewhere). Trainees should provide at least two weeks’ notice.

  8. What happens upon the completion of the traineeship / attachment?

    Your host unit and mentor will work with you to discuss career prospects and opportunities during the traineeship / attachments. Trainees who perform well may be offered full-time positions.


  1. How can I apply for the positions?

    Please apply at NUS TalentConnect. Traineeship / Attachment positions are being posted on the portal progressively so do be sure to check back often.

    Please also refer to the NUS Personal Data Notice for traineeship / mid-career pathway attachment applicants.

  2. Can I apply for more than one role in the university if I am interested in several roles within the programme?

    Yes, you can, but please state that you are applying for other roles in the application form.
    Please only submit one application form.

  3. Can I apply for the traineeship position in NUS and also apply for a job in NUS through the NUS career portal?

    Yes, you can, but please state that you are applying for other roles in the application form.

  4. What if I am unable to secure a traineeship?

    Applicants unsuccessful in securing a traineeship can sign up for other traineeship opportunities on MyCareersFuture.

  5. Who can I contact if I have more queries about the traineeship programme?

    Should you have more questions, you may write to for further assistance.

    You can also contact our Career Advisors at the Centre for Future-ready Graduates at

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