Entrepreneurship Trainee

Entrepreneurship trainees will work in teams with the purpose to turn an idea or technology into a business. They will be guided by faculty members, venture managers, commercial champions, and/or entrepreneurs who will provide knowledge, skill sets, and the mentorship necessary to build a start-up.


  1. To identify opportunities for innovation and/or disruption in a particular domain
  2. To analyse market potential and to do market validation
  3. To build a business model
  4. To build a minimum viable product / service
  5. To build a pitch for fund-raising


  1. Bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree
  2. Extreme passion to be an entrepreneur
  3. The will and grit to take an idea to market

This is a team-based application. You can apply in a team of 3 to 4 members with a business idea or just with capabilities. All members of the team must meet the eligibility criteria. At least one member of the team must have completed the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme.

Please submit your CV and completed application form through the link below. You should also refer to the Entrepreneurship Traineeship-specific FAQ for further information, besides the generic FAQ for all traineeships.


NUS Enterprise-affiliated start-ups are also offering SGUnited Traineeships positions. Some of these affiliated start-ups include:

Apply for these and other SGUnited Traineeship positions on MyCareersFuture.sg from 1 June.

Enterpreneurship Trainees
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