SP2271 - Introduction to the Scientific Literature


This module is designed to build essential skills for effective scientific reading and writing.
The goal of the module is to empower students to (1) acquire science information strategically; (2) assess this information critically, (3) summarise scientific findings comprehensively and (4) sharing the information appropriately, coherently, accurately and responsibly.
Students will critically read scientific publications, discuss scientific concepts, and report findings through coherent writing.
Working in teams guided by mentors/TAs, students collaboratively develop and enhance skills of scientific information literacy, writing, and communication.


  1. Information literacy. Extract important, relevant and accurate scientific information efficiently.
  2. Literature review. Assess the suitability and reliability of a resource and then extract information efficiently.
  3. Scientific writing. Convey scientific ideas clearly, succinctly and accurately. Summarize information comprehensively. Report scientific information critically.
  4. Sharing responsibly. Sharing scientific information responsibly, and in manner suitable for the intended audience.