IS2101 - Business and Technical Communication


IS2101 (Business and Technical Communication) a customized core module for the School of Computing, aims to give its students a professional edge in the competitive and interconnected job market by preparing and enhancing their professional communication skills in IT related work settings.  This is a 48-hour module taught over 12 weeks with a three-hour tutorial and a one-hour online lecture + related activities per week.


By the end of the module, students will be able to communicate effectively in professional situations by

  • demonstrating a heightened appreciation of the importance of interpersonal and intercultural differences in the workplace
  • applying the key principles of audience-centric and purpose-driven communication to strategically adapt verbal and non-verbal communication to email writing, infographics design, pitch presentations, and meeting participation. 


IS2101 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.


If students are required to take ES1000 Foundation Academic English, and/or ES1102/ES1103 English for Academic Purposes, they must complete those modules before taking this course.


ES2002, ES2007D, ES2007S, CS2101, CG1413, CS2103T and ES1601.

Modular Credits