GET1034 - Communication and Critical Thinking for Community Leadership


This critical thinking and communication module provides an opportunity for students to explore community leadership within an interdisciplinary environment. In particular, through understanding the constructivist theory of communication (Burleson, 2007) and Paul and Elder’s (2014) critical thinking framework, this module will facilitate the development of deliberative and active citizenry among students, regardless of the position they hold in the community.  Students will apply these concepts individually to short case studies and reflections. They will then use these short assignments to conceptualize team projects relevant to their respective community settings. 

This module is taught over 1 semester with a 1.5-hour online session and a 2-hour face-to-face sectional-teaching per week.


Within an interdisciplinary learning environment, students reading the module will develop a deeper understanding of the relevance of communication and critical thinking in the context of community leadership.

Upon completing the module, students should demonstrate:

  • basic understanding of community leadership and how it applies in their respective contexts
  • an understanding and application of the constructivist theory of functional communication competence for effective interpersonal and group communication
  • familiarity with the Paul-Elder critical thinking framework as a mode of thinking in analyzing, evaluating, and critiquing case studies as well as forming opinions and arguments
  • clear presentation of ideas and/or arguments in written and spoken modes
  • reflective thinking
  • Essentially, the module aims to build effective communicators and cultivated critical thinkers who are keenly aware of the nature, needs and issues of the community in which they are situated.


GET1034 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.





Modular Credits