FAS1103 - Effective Workplace Communication


As a first-year module, FAS1103 helps students refine their written and interpersonal communication skills for the workplace. Students learn to frame and present their written and verbal messages clearly, convincingly and effectively, as appropriate to the context, audience, and purpose of the communication. Topics include email, report and minutes writing skills; meeting and negotiation skills; and interpersonal interaction skills with colleagues and superiors. Classes are conducted in an interactive and engaging manner, and incorporate mini presentations and self-reflection activities.

This 6-week module employs a flipped classroom approach. There are online materials for independent learning, and weekly 2-hour face-to-face sessions.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate heightened awareness of audience-centeredness in various workplace communicative tasks;
  • apply strategies for clear, concise, and credible communication when writing email messages, reports and meeting minutes; and
  • apply key principles for effective interpersonal interactions with peers, colleagues and superiors.


FAS1103 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.


Students who are required to read ES1000 Foundation Academic English and/or ES1103 English for Academic Purposes must pass those modules before they are allowed to read this module.


  1. Non-FASS students
  2. Students who have read and passed ES2002, CS2101, IS2101, GEK1901/GET1006, ES2660, ES2007D, ES1541/SP1541, ENV1202 and ES1601.

Modular Credits