ES2007D - Professional Communication


The ES2007D Professional Communication course is a customized core module for Real Estate students in the School of Design and Environment. It has been designed to help students develop their writing and oral skills to prepare them effectively for their prospective career in an increasingly global and competitive environment. Students learn to generate and organize ideas for clear, convincing and effective oral and written messages, present these ideas with linguistic and graphic competence and deliver messages appropriate to their audience, context and purpose. The topics covered include the fundamentals of communication, email/letter writing skills, report/proposal writing skills, meeting/negotiation skills, interpersonal and intercultural skills, and oral presentation skills.

This module is taught over 1 semester with a 3-hour sectional teachings per week.


The course has been designed to help students:

  • appreciate the complex nature of communication;
  • understand key communication concepts and principles including the importance of audience-centred communication;
  • produce clear, effectively organized, well thought out and convincing business letters/email messages and reports/proposals on matters related to real estate;
  • make clear and impactful formal presentations;
  • discuss ideas clearly and confidently at meetings/negotiations/interviews; and
  • develop effective interpersonal skills and intercultural awareness.


ES2007D is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.


Students required to take ES1000 and ES1102/ES1103 must clear those courses first before taking ES2007D.


CS2301, ES2002, ES2007S, IS2101, CS2101, CG1413, ES1601.

Modular Credits